Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update - Metro, Trams, and Realistic mode

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update Steam

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic received a major update focused on Realistic Mode and metro and tram transport infrastructure. The developers have also made several improvements.

Realistic Mode

Update has introduced Realistic Mode as an additional difficulty level where things are more systematic and heavy on management. It removes all options used to purchase goods and vehicles inside facilities, along with the option to use money for completing construction. There will be no more sudden appearances of resources inside buildings too. With its gameplay, this mode is optional, so players should start with the normal playthrough first to learn and master the basics.

Metro and Tram Transport Infrastructure

In the latest update, new improvements are introduced to the metro and tram transport infrastructure. Developers have created models for surface metro stations and a new surface metro and railway end station to help players easily plan their public transport network. Two surface metro stations with varied sizes are available, along with an end station which can be used for either metro or normal trains. Also, this update features new additions such as new tram stops, one bigger and one smaller, and a new way to connect between tramrail road and rails.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update

Main Features
  • Build underground stations and tracks with the new Metro infrastructure system.
  • Trams infrastructure with new tram stops and connection systems.
  • Super realistic mode..
  • Water erosion for terrain editor (for faster smoothing of terrain)
  • Realistic republic borders are now implemented
Other Notable Changes
  • Fixed vehicle movement in mirror buildings.
  • Ultra high shadows settings. ultra low shadows setting.
  • Longer city names.
  • Tunnel boring machine.
  • Limit for loans.
  • Construction of pipelines or wires not directly connected to end buildings.
  • Pedestrian pass displayed on the road only when on both sides pedestrian.
  • Export/import via the ships/airplanes or helicopters not affecting the prices so much.
  • Panel road.
  • Merging unfinished infrastructures into bigger pieces (as in blueprint mode).
  • Possible to use custom house with construction office.
  • Possible to use foreign workers from custom house.

You can read more about it here.

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