Wonder Parade Officially Announced For Switch And PC

The rhythm game was first released for mobile devices.
The mobile rhythm game Wonder Parade will soon be making its way to the Switch and PC.
The mobile rhythm game Wonder Parade will soon be making its way to the Switch and PC. X.D. Network

The whimsical rhythm game Wonder Parade will be coming soon to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Developed by Studio Quare and published by X.D. Network (Muse Dash, Juicy Realm, and ICEY), Wonder Parade was initially released for mobile devices last year and is currently available via the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Offering a refreshing and an undeniably cute take on the rhythm game genre, Wonder Parade is an indie game that involves a bunch of cute animals on a mysterious planet, adorably playing a variety of instruments. You serve as their companion as they play music and explore the unknown.

The game’s rather simplistic controls allow all players across different skill levels to enjoy Wonder Parade. Combine this with the adorable animals performing different symphonies and you’ve got yourself a rhythm game that’s easier to get into than most.

With a cast consisting of a trumpet playing red panda, a rabbit with a flute, a bear with a red bandana banging away on a drum, and led by the fox bandleader, players guide the foursome through original music provided by composers with experience at SEGA, Konami, Taito, and other renowned Japanese game developers and publishers. Combine the beautiful compositions with the simple, yet cute UI and aesthetics, and this will surely result in success. Wonder Parade’s accolades as a mobile game include Best Audio award and nominations for Best Visual Art and Best Indie Game during the TapTap Game Awards 2017.

So, what should rhythm and music game fans expect from Wonder Parade’s upcoming PC and Nintendo Switch iterations? Well, the game is currently still in development but X.D. Network has listed down an all-new stage mode, new animals joining your musical group, more than 10 songs to be added to your repertoire, and a brand-new theme with a magical storyline as some of the additions people should look out for.

No release date has been announced yet for Wonder Parade, but for those who want to be on the dot once it launches, it can now be added to your Steam Wishlist.

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