Wild Hearts: Fiery Hellfire Laharback Ravages Brave Adventures in Latest Update

New Kemono: Hellfire Laharback
New Kemono: Hellfire Laharback Twitter/@playWildHearts

Developer Omega Force recently launched the first major content update for Wild Hearts this month. This new patch is headlined by a new Kemono that will surely give players a hellish time.

Meet the Hellfire Laharback

The Hellfire Laharback is the newest Kemono in Wild Hearts, and it is found on the Natsukodachi Isle. The Hellfire Laharback looks like a giant flaming gorilla but don’t be fooled! This Kemono is deceptively fast for its huge stature. Those who are brave enough to face the new Kemono must come prepared or else they risk burning themselves to death.

Players who are able to take down the Hellfire Laharback will have a chance of getting a new Talisman called Infernal Blow. This thing increases the chance of setting an enemy on fire. Furthermore, this talisman boosts the player's attacks against an ablaze Kemono.

Patch Notes

The latest content update also brought plenty of improvements and bug fixes. For one, players can now look at their full list of skills for all parts during armor creation, weapon creation, and armor modification.

Additionally, the issue where players could interrupt an attack and jump repeatedly when using the Karakuri Staff’s “Twin Fang Form” has been fixed.

The Hellfire Laharback is not the only new Kemono coming to the game as the developer plans to release a new patch on March 23 to introduce the Grimstalker!

Here are the other changes:

  • When playing online as a guest, the goal icon in the upper left corner will now be yellow if your story progression rate matches that of the host.
  • Adjusted the controls of attacks using the Celestial Anchor karakuri.
  • Added a confirmation window at the start of online co-op that asks whether the player wants to join the session or not if the host is further along in the story than the guest.
  • Players will now be sent to the Hunter's Tent used last within the hunting area after selecting “Return to camp” at the end of the hunt.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Full-Force Blow and Spirited Ward skills would not be activated when using the Full-Body Air Cleave action of the karakuri staff.
  • Fixed an issue where certain attack actions performed with the karakuri staff would have unintended invincibility frames.
  • Enhanced the power of Wingblade Crescent Slash of the claw blade.
  • Enhanced the power of the enhanced Wingblade Spin Slash of the claw blade.
  • Enhanced the power of Fortified Shot of the hand cannon.
  • Enhanced the power of the spindance when the bladed wagasa's spindance gauge is not at its maximum.
  • Increased the number of inherited skills for the following weapons:
    • Crystal Bow
    • Demon Grass Bow
    • Crystal Whirlwind
    • Demon Grass Bladed Wagasa
    • Nacreous Icicle Maul
    • Ice Crystal Force
    • Crystal Crusher
    • Demon Grass Maul
    • Crystal Twister
    • Demon Grass Karakuri Staff
    • Nacreous Icicle Cannon
    • Crystal Cannon
    • Demon Grass Cannon
    • Crystal Ripper
    • Demon Grass Claw
  • Fixed an issue in the Derelict Castle Keep in the Fuyufusagi Fort that allowed players to safely attack kemono from specific locations.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to place multiple karakuri in the same spot while performing the Leaping Strike with the karakuri staff.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a large processing load when using the claw blade.

The full patch notes can be found here.

So, are you ready to face the Hellfire Laharback in Wild Hearts?

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