Which Are The Top Iconic Games Booming In The Digital Age?

Which are the top iconic games booming in the digital age
Which are the top iconic games booming in the digital age Pixabay

Gaming has long been a popular hobby with many people and something that has been around for quite a while. Of course, the industry has developed greatly over time and is a long way down the road from early home gaming machines such as the Commodore 64 or SNES. The evolution of gaming seems to have happened quickly in the last few years and this is largely down to remote, digital access to our favorite games.

From trying out cool titles on your mobile device or on your PC, gaming over the internet is something many gamers enjoy doing now. The demand for online play has also seen the major console manufacturers, such as Sony and Microsoft, enable online play through their machines. When you add on-demand digital gaming services like Google Stadia, it is clear that the sector is heading online at a rapid rate.

Despite all this change, there are some iconic games that have not only survived this step towards digital gaming but actually become more popular than ever to enjoy online. But which titles are we talking about?

Slot games

Slot games have always been popular in the real world and such is a visit to a physical casino. The team at Playcasinos.ca, have compiled a list of the best land-based casinos in Canada if you’re Canada based and interested in trying one out. You will definitely be able to find slot games at these, if it’s something that has caught your attention. They have in many ways always been a popular subject for gamers over time and have certainly navigated the transition to a more digital age of play.

This can be seen in how the top online casino sites carry a wide selection of slots to test out. Easy to grasp, fun to play and coming in a wide range of themes, digital slots are a big hit with many people. From Starburst to Gonzo’s Quest, they have played a large part in online casino play becoming so huge.

Super Mario Bros

When it comes to iconic gaming franchises that are still booming, you just cannot fail to mention Super Mario Bros! Although the original instalment of this game might have come out in the 1980s, it is still going strong to this day. Nintendo deserve great credit for not only continuing to release new Mario games to keep its legacy alive but also making sure they are great fun to play. Whether you play via mobile or online, titles such as Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario World continue to be a hit with fans.

Final Fantasy

When you think of what a rich legacy this series of games has and how long ago the first was released (1990 in North America!), then the following it still has to this day is quite something. It is fair to say, though, that this is another franchise which is still booming – especially with Final Fantasy XIV being so well-loved on Steam.

All the games in this series are immersive RPG romps and each comes with its own storyline. The original games featured innovations that have become pillars of RPG titles (such as random enemy attacks and towns to wander around) and this type of in-depth gameplay has seen them grow ever more popular over time.


Although people might think of FIFA as being a thoroughly modern series of games, the first actually came out in 1993! This makes it one of the truly iconic games franchises that have stood the test of time. The digital era has seen these games flourish, as the ability to play titles like FIFA 22 online or via mobile has helped to attract more fans.

But what makes these soccer games so good? A big plus is the realism and authenticity they offer. With real teams, real players and real leagues, it is hard to beat. When you add in the exciting gameplay, awesome goals you can score and crunching tackles you can put in, it gets even better.

Legendary games shine in the digital age

As gaming moves into a more digital era, it would be tempting to think that some of the iconic old games would die out. While new kids on the block, such as Fortnite or Assassin's Creed Valhalla, have done very well, there are still some iconic games from the past that are going strong today. The key is in the ability they have shown to move with the times. Making them available to play online or via a mobile device, for example, is crucial in keeping players in our modern world coming back for more

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