Where Is Xur? ‘Destiny’ Location And Items For April 14

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Destiny Photo: iDigitalTimes

It’s Xur day, Destiny fans!

This week, Xur can be found standing in The Reef

The Age of Triumph continues this week, bolstered by a slew of refreshed raids, new armor sets and the biggest record book since the feature was added to Destiny. Even our favorite Agent of the Nine has been getting in on the festivities, showing up to the Tower with several pieces of equipment never (or rarely) before seen. Many Destiny fans may have already moved on, content to wait and build a new Guardian(s) when Destiny 2 heads to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in September. But those still visiting Xur with any regularity should have some pleasant surprises to look forward to this weekend.

Last week was something of a low point for Xur, after several weeks of noteworthy offerings, particularly for Warlocks and Titans. The former were given their umpteenth opportunity to purchase The Ram; an admittedly fantastic looking piece of headgear that most members of the class undoubtedly have already. The return of the Crest of Alpha Lupi was similarly disappointing for Destiny’s tankiest warriors. We can only hope that Xur’s latest selection of exotic equipment will prove to be less disappointing.

Here’s everything Xur is selling the Destiny community April 14 - 16:

ACD/0 Feedback Fence

  • Defense: 350
  • Strength: 75

Bones of Eao

  • Defense: 350
  • Intellect: 48
  • Discipline: 48

Heart of the Praxic Fire

  • Defense: 350
  • Intellect: 57
  • Discipline: 60

Hard Light

  • Attack: 350
  • Magazine: 40

Legacy Engram - Special Weapon

Exotic Shards

There are also some new additions to Xur's inventory sheet this week: weapon bundles. Destiny players can purchase The Last Word, with the Addendum ornament, or Red Death, with the White Witch ornament, in exchange for 30 Strange Coins. The Agent of the Nine has plenty of other goodies for Destiny players to spend their Strange Coins, too. In addition to the exotic wares, Xur is also selling a handful of other curios, including Three of Coins stacks! And Destiny players will also find the usual legendary Sparrows upgrades, with green and blue contrails available this week, along with Motes of Light, Heavy Ammo Synthesis (in stacks of three and 10) and Glass Needles.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. The upcoming sequel, Destiny 2, heads to PC and consoles on Sept. 8.

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