West Of Loathing Third Year Anniversary Update Adds New Features, Patch Notes Here

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The critically acclaimed comedy RPG West of Loathing celebrated its three-year anniversary today. Developers at Asymmetric wanted to celebrate this occasion with an update. The update, which released today, fixes some ‘obscure’ bugs and also adds some new features to the game.

A new character has been added to Clooncy's in Frisco, who you can chat with. Dirtwater’s pedestrians and coaches now have more things to say to you. You will receive a pair of silver cufflinks and a broken board by skipping the prologue, but keep in mind that you need these items to complete an actual pass through Boring Springs. Some new animations are added and the “Poker” game now has half the fat, but twice the flavor.

All the changes in the update are mentioned below and on the official site.

West of Loathing Three Year Anniversary Patch (v1.

  • If you leave the record playing in your bedroom on the farm, it is now just barely audible outside your house as well. The jam has been pumped.
  • Skipping the prologue will now give you the broken board and pair of silver cufflinks -- you'll need to complete an actual pass through Boring Springs with them in your inventory first, though.
  • Scaling monsters in the Boring Springs environs will no longer sometimes have missing stats. Contrapositively, missing monsters will have scaling stats.
  • Pedestrians and coaches in Dirtwater now have things to say.
  • "Poker" games now have twice as much flavor, but half the fat.
  • You can no longer arrest the House-in-the-Desert Gang unless you've been inside the Dirtwater Jail at least once.
  • You should no longer find any keys in Gustavson Gulch if you've already opened the door they would be needed for.
  • The goblins in the guard barracks will now properly drop a random goblin consumable when defeated. But know that narratively they were gobblin' it when you arrived to fight them.
  • If you get beaten up far from home and pass out, you will no longer get random encounters from that distant region if you immediately go to the map and start wandering after waking up.
  • Your pardner should now provide useful advice about dealing with the remains of the Gherkin Brothers.
  • Through the miracle of animation, the clown described as flipping his knife by the campfire is now actually depicted flipping his knife by the campfire.
  • The kid at the Circus should no longer continue sadly searching for his bottle cap once you've returned it to him.
  • The postcard-dickering arbitrage-for-infinite-Meat-but-very-slowly loophole has been closed. We apologize to anyone who is currently attempting to build up their fortune two Meat at a time.
  • The problems board in Breadwood should no longer complain about a bad lumber deal if you didn't use any of their lumber to build a bridge. (Aka the 99 problems, bridge ain't one bug fix.)
  • The guitar player at Fort Memoriam will no longer stop playing if you talk to him (but don't suggest he leave).
  • You should no longer be able to walk behind some buildings in Frisco. We swear there was nothing back there except tragic wealth disparity.
  • There's a new character to chat with at Clooncy's in Frisco.
  • Once you've dealt with Norton, there are now pedestrians wandering in Frisco, and they have a few things to say to you.
  • It should no longer be possible to accidentally break quest progression during pie-throwing or exploding cigar demonstrations.
  • The dictionary in Gun Manor should no longer just close if you try to look up the word "done." This bug was actually pretty funny, so we almost left it in.
  • Additional nonsense has been added to the Gun Manor dictionary that probably no one will ever see.
  • All variants of venomous bullet oil will now properly report the damage they do in the combat log instead of just "[state dmg]" -- bullets don't actually know what state you are in when you do damage, they aren't that smart.
  • The flow of many late-game conversations has been improved.
  • A bunch of combats now have custom fight backgrounds that more accurately represent their locale. No one ever complained about this, but now that we've brought it to your attention I fully expect to get reports about other places where things look weird.
  • A few combats that were unintentionally too easy are now tougher than they used to be.
  • A few audio cues that were not firing properly because of typos in the scripting are now working.
  • All known typos have been fixxed, except that one.
  • West of Loathing should now be certified such that it will work with MacOS Catalina. (Goodbye annoying notification on the Steam store page! You won't be missed.)
  • And finally, on the back end, we updated to Unity 2019.4. This sort of change is terrifying because it could introduce any number of unknown issues. We've tested it a bunch in-house, but please let us know if you find something screwy! (Once we've made sure it's stable we'll roll this patch out on the Switch, GOG, etc. as well.)
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