This Week In The Crew 2: Take A Ride To The Flashy 80s

From the 70s we got to the 80s.
From the 70s we got to the 80s. Ubisoft

Last week we were treated to the Super 70s in The Crew 2 and this week we go to a new decade with the Flashy 80s. Grab your Ray-Bans and prepare for this bodacious LIVE Summit, which is going to be from August 26 to September 1.

Before we take a look at what’s happening in this week’s LIVE Summit, The Crew 2 is introducing a new PvE event known as Miami Ride. Players that manage to complete the event get the futuristic looking DeLorean DMC–12 RAD added to their garage.

For this week’s LIVE Summit, there are multiple skills that are going to be tested. There’s the Speedtrap, where players need to drive as fast as they can and then drive by a camera which records their speed. It’s not as easy as it seems, since having a speed that’s too low is not going to be recorded. Crashing into objects also won’t result in the speed being recorded. Another skill is Escape, where players need to get away from an ever expanding circle as fast as possible. The third one has players take to the skies with Aerobatic. Players need to get in an airplane and then match certain in-air positions through a set course.

Don’t forget the different races like the Coral Gables, Coastal Range to Los Padres, and Miami Everyzon Track.

All of these are going to be worth it, especially with these LIVE Summit rewards:

  • Platinum: Retro Vibe Tint
  • Gold: Legendary DD Perf Parts (Nitro Chemist Set, Pure + Ventilated)
  • Silver: White Tire
  • Bronze: 300K Followers

Of course, players won’t be going through everything empty-handed, especially with this Flashy 80s bundle. This bundle includes:

  • Ferrari 512 TR (1991) – Street Racing
  • Cadillac Eldorado (1951) – Street Racing
  • DeLorean DMC-12 (1981) – Street Racing
  • Ferrari F40 LM (1989) – Street Racing
  • Porsche 959 Raid (1985) – Rally Raid
  • Pontiac Firebird T/A (1982) – Street Racing

For this week as well, there’s another chance to get the 2015 Kawasaki NINJA H2 Light Rider Edition along with the vanity bundle. Don’t take too long to decide this time, as the bundle is only available in the Far & Beyond store from August 26 until September 1.

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