Webzen Celebrates 10th Anniversary With In-Game Freebies Galore

Grab your freebies now while supplies last! Only 2,400+ keys left at the time of writing.
In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, Webzen is giving away in-game goodies in all of its games.
In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, Webzen is giving away in-game goodies in all of its games. Webzen

Ten years in the game industry is quite the achievement, and MMO game developer Webzen is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with free in-game items for its most popular games. These items can be claimed by using game keys which are available on its official anniversary partner, MMORPG.com. Get your key right now by logging in to MMORPG.com and visiting the giveaway page linked here. However, these game keys are in limited stock, and with tens of thousands of gamers still active across Webzen’s many MMO titles, you'll want to grab yours while you still can.

Korea-based developer Webzen is one of the most prolific game studios of the age. Even though they don’t deliver the same, groundbreaking AAA titles as others in the industry, hundreds of thousands of players throughout the years have enjoyed many of their MMO entries. For its 10th Anniversary celebration, Webzen is giving away in-game items for the original MU Online, the revamped sequel MU Legend, Continent of the Ninth Seal (or C9, for short), the hit flying MMO Flyff, and Rappelz.

Granted, Webzens arsenal of MMORPGs don’t hold a candle to current-generation titles - both in terms of quality, content, or even server reliability - but there’s definitely plenty of Webzen fans who have been with the company since the beginning. Even some of the folks here at Player.One still enjoy hours-long sessions of grinding for loot in the hack n’ slash MMO, MU Legend. If you’re one of the handful of dedicated Webzen players who are still playing any of these titles, the goodies from the 10th Anniversary celebration are pretty worthwhile.

Apart from the in-game items, Webzen is also doubling up its Anniversary festivities with in-game events, as well. Players can take on the Dungeon Level Up event by using game keys acquired from MMORPG.com. The aim of the challenge is to get to Level 20 and unlock the highest-tier rewards being given away for the Anniversary celebration. Among the available prizes, and arguably the rarest and most valuable, is a +9 Shining Weapon Enhancement Ticket for MU Legend. There are prizes to be earned for Flyff, C9, MU Online, and Rappelz, as well, which you can read more about on MMORPG.com.

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