Weakless Gets An Announcement Trailer For Consoles And PC, Due Out This Fall

A hauntingly beautiful 3D puzzle adventure game.
Cubeish Games and Punk Notion officially announce Weakless, an artistic 3D puzzle adventure game.
Cubeish Games and Punk Notion officially announce Weakless, an artistic 3D puzzle adventure game. Cubeish Games

If you’re in the market for something new, artistic, and incredibly fantastic this fall, then you’re in luck, because publisher Punk Notion and developer Cubeish Games just released an announcement for Weakless, a 3D puzzle adventure game coming to PC via Steam and console (“at least one”).

The announcement also came with a trailer, which showcases what we can expect from the game. I’m not going to lie, it looks absolutely stunning, and feels like it’s going to be something incredibly distinct and original from the usual fare of puzzle games we see today. Check it out below.

According to the developers, and judging from the trailer, Weakless lets you experience the friendship of two beings that complement each other – one without a sense of hearing, the other without a sense of vision – as they overcome the odds in an organic fantasy world with a lot of challenging puzzles. It’s a great premise backed by a very unique and hauntingly beautiful art design, and if this direction comes with great gameplay to boot, then I’m already all over it.

You can only control one of the characters at any given time, meaning that you can’t use their heightened senses together. The result is this dynamic that offers a distinct perspective on what each of their senses entail, a feature brought up extensively in the trailer. Deaf is the more extroverted character, while Blind is the introverted one, with their interactions offering some great background atmosphere to the already atmospheric game.

The music presented in the trailer was quite decent as well, and it seems like the developers are utilizing some unusual instruments like the marimba, rav vast or udu as part of their soundtrack. The result is this relaxing vibe that complements the visuals really well.

Ultimately, Deaf and Blind’s journey will see them protecting a village and the Weavelings’ civilization by restoring the steady flow of Resin, which is said to be the life energy for every living creature in the world. To do this, they must tackle the beautiful, organic, bioluminescent world of Weavelings and combat the advancing Rot deep within.

Weakless will be released on PC via Steam at a later date. Console versions have not yet been announced outside of the vague confirmation above.


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