Wayward Beta 2.11.2 Gameplay Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

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Wayward ’s latest beta update is here. Version 2.11.2 has brought several fixes and improvements to the game.

Players gain the ability to see "Efficacy" after getting 20% in a crafting skill. With this, players can know how effective they are in crafting and let them make better quality items. Many factors affect quality like item quality and item tier.

With this update, the developers have also fixed an issue where players were unable to unpause the game when a new player was joining a game. This feature was not intended and has been fixed in the latest update.

Wayward Beta 2.11.2

  • Attaching a container to water still will now show an item notification over it.
  • Creatures will no longer follow ghosts.
  • Dryads can now rarely plant seeds.
  • Swords now have "melee" as the default action instead of other tool actions.
  • Using bait while fishing now has a greater chance of attracting creatures.
  • Items burned will now produce items of varied quality, similar to the distribution of dismantling.
  • Reduced number of islands you can travel at a time (increased skill check).
  • Increased hunger/thirst/stamina reduction when traveling.
  • Reduced the chance of magical properties on superior/remarkable items slightly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where merchants were being spawned too quickly (or improperly in some cases).
  • Fixed errors when crafting while near the edge of the map.
  • Fixed being able to spawn outside of the normal map bounds when traveling.
  • Fixed reinforcing relic items not working every time.
  • Fixed a desync when using the item action menu facing some doodads.
  • Fixed opening the item action menu extinguishing doodads. Yikes.
  • Fixed "See More" showing even when "Always Show More Information" is on.
  • Fixed some items having the "aptitude" property that shouldn't be based on uncraftable items that used them in their recipe.
  • Fixed changed items not being filtered properly.
  • Fixed tiles being burned not distributing the correct quality on items dropped.
  • Fixed memory leaks related to milestone modifiers.
  • Fixed errors happening when traveling/generating a new island.
  • Fixed rare multiplayer desyncs related to scarecrows.
  • Fixed an item ID error being produced in certain situations.
  • Fixed efficacy ratings being commonly inaccurate when crafting.
  • Fixed being able to break out of the map bounds. Get back in there!
  • Fixed some items not having tiers for their groups that were used in crafts.

You can read more about the update here.

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