WayForward Announces Vitamin Connection, Releasing Exclusively For Switch

This two-player action game takes on a unique form of co-op play.
Vitamin Connection is officially announced by developer WayForward, set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.
Vitamin Connection is officially announced by developer WayForward, set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. WayForward Technologies

It’s been quite the busy year for WayForward, with a new Shantae just announced and the highly anticipated River City Girls gaining traction. It’s about to get even busier, however, with the official announcement of a new title exclusive for the Switch, one that slipped past a lot of radars. Titled Vitamin Connection, this two-player cooperative action game will be releasing on an unknown date both digitally and physically, with the latter being handled by Limited Run Games.

While there’s no official screenshots or trailers released just yet, WayForward has revealed some more information with regards to Vitamin Connection. It can be played both single-player and with two players, although with the way it’s presented it makes more sense that it’s best played by two people.

The game lets players assume the roles of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl as they take control of a miniscule Capsule Ship to battle evil bacteria from within the insides of living organisms. They are equipped with a weapon called the Vitamin Beam, which they can use to blast their subatomic foes. Armed with a special claw tool, they will also have to navigate maze-like stages to save the members of the Sable family (including the canine family pet) from a wide variety of hazardous and increasingly wacky predicaments. Each level is also populated with a ton of sub-games, featuring rhythm challenges, Pong-like reflex tests, and more.

The entirety of Vitamin Connection can be played and finished solo, but the multiplayer takes the form of an asymmetrical local two-player co-op mode. One player will take on controlling the Capsule Ship’s movement and shooting, while the other will handle the rotation and aiming. The mode requires some very precise coordination for it to work, but I can honestly see two people beating it pretty easily given time to practice. It’s also pretty interesting to see a game utilize such a weird co-op mode rather than going for the norm, like a Capsule Ship for both players or something like it.

Vitamin Connection will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch at a yet to be announced date.

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