Watch Dogs Legion TU 4.5 Brings Zombies on PC and 60 FPS Mode for Next-Gen Consoles

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Watch Dogs Legion just got a whole lot better. The hacking-focused third-person open-world game received a major update a few days ago. Title Update 4.5 was released on all platforms and it brought tons of new content. The update was somewhere between 16 to 39GB in size depending on the platform and is necessary if you want to play the Online Mode again.

TU 4.5 brought a brand-new Tactical Op, Project Omni. In this mission, you will band with three other players and stop a mad doctor who is messing up with people’s Optik devices. A more detailed explanation is mentioned below.

Several QoL changes are made as well. New consoles will now support a 60 FPS performance mode. Cross-play for the same console family has been enabled too. Xbox One players can now play with Xbox Series X|S players and PS4 players can now play with PS5.

Two HUD display presets are added to the game. “Light” preset will turn on a few HUD elements, whereas, “Immersive” preset will only allow the most important information on the HUD. A new operator, Helen is also added and she will be available on June 15. You can grab her at the Premium Store for free.

A new zombie mode is also introduced to the PC version, which is detailed over here.

Read on for the other changes in this new update.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Added loading screen hints for the HUD customization options.
  • We've made several adjustments and optimizations to the start of the single-player campaign. This will speed up some of the early areas and make it easier for new players to find their footing in our near-future London.
  • Improved Operative Bio (Mission Memories)
    • Added over 80 memories that will appear in an operative's bio when they complete various missions.

Online Mode

  • Season 2: New free reward track for the Online Mode
    • A new reward track is now live for players in the Online Mode. Level up and earn exclusive cosmetics, ETO, Watch Dogs Credits, and more!
      • New reward track features 80 ranks of progression.
      • Each influence reward is smaller than in Season 1 (8 vs. 10), but overall, the season has significantly more Influence to earn.
      • There are more cosmetic items to be earned compared to Season 1.
      • Updated sound and visual effects when claiming rewards.
  • New Daily Challenges have been added.
  • Greatly expanded the set of Masks that can be found in Hotspots.
  • Ability to profile other players.
    • You are now able to profile other players in your session to view their stats.
  • Slightly reduced overall difficulty of co-op missions:
    • You now have more time to revive a fallen teammate, increased by five seconds.
    • You now have more time to locate the dead bodies in Meltdown, increased by 30 seconds.
    • Increased HP for the backpack in Meltdown & Repossession missions by 25%.
  • Online mode buttons have received some polish.

The Watch Dogs Legion Title Update 4.5 fixed dozens of bugs as well. You can read about them in great detail on the official site.

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