Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 4.0 Drops Today

Learn more about this new update.
Learn more about this new update. Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion got new content today that includes a new paid DLC character and mission. It comes with Title Update 4.0 which also introduces new recruit types to the game. The free update offers three new online missions as well.

The highlight, of course, is none other than Mina Sidhu. This test subject joins DedSec and brings with her the ability to disrupt enemies with Mental Blast or control their minds. She can also recharge her powers through takedowns. Mina is available only to those who have the Season Pass or subscribed to Ubisoft+. That’s not all as she even comes with a new mission titled "Swipe Right." Here, DedSec is investigating a conspiracy that involves selling Egyptian antiques to financially support extremists.

Free Update

Title Update 4.0 adds several new things including the single-player campaign and online mode. Players can now recruit two new operative types: the DJ and the First Responder. Each one comes with its own perks, abilities, and even weapons. The new update also lets players customize the hair of their operative along with clothing and tattoos.

TU 4.0 should excite players as well since potential recruits now have one of five new Twists, which are:

  • Pickpocket
    • Earn currency with takedowns.
  • Stuntman
    • Makes collisions, explosions, and falls do less damage.
  • Wanted
    • Albion or Clan Kelley attacks them on sight, no matter where they are.
  • Hoarder
    • Able to carry more ammo.
  • Second Wind
    • Regain health by rapidly defeating enemies.

Online Mode

As mentioned, there are exciting changes for the online mode like the five solo assignments and these:

  • Two new co-op Gadgets:
    • Guardian Drone that supports operatives.
    • Throwable Point Defense Drones that can block incoming fire.
  • Three new co-op missions:
    • Dysfunction
      • Introduces the Cousins, a pair of Clan Kelley hackers, who are holding London’s court system hostage and demanding the dismissal of all cases against Clan Kelley members, prompting DedSec to intervene.
    • Meltdown
      • Puts DedSec on the trail of a possible experimental plasma weapon acquired by Clan Kelley, which the criminals appear to be using to commit hard-to-trace murders.
    • Repossession
      • Gives Albion a cache of data drives belonging to the original DedSec, which the private military plans to use to locate current DedSec operatives – unless players can get to them first.

These aren't the only exciting things because more are coming to the game. At the end of May, for example, players can look forward to Extraction and Invasion - two new PvP modes arriving in online mode. A new Tactical Op is arriving as well, which is Project Omni. By June, Season Pass owners can enjoy Bloodline while in August, new missions will introduce another new character.

No doubt this is an exciting time for Watch Dogs: Legion.

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