Warriors: Rise to Glory Coming to Steam January 20

Prepare to battle.
Prepare to battle. Gavra Games

Warriors: Rise to Glory is coming to Steam this January 20. It’s priced at $19.99 but for the first week, players can enjoy a 20% discount. As the full release of the game, it has a single-player campaign along with a multiplayer experience.

In the game, you are pitted against AI or other human players in various modes. These include 1v1, 2v2, free-for-all battles, and even co-op boss battles. As a turn-based gladiator game, each decision counts on the way to getting that victory. By the way, there’s also an audience watching the whole fight, so be sure to make them happy or they’ll turn against you.

For each victory, players can experience to level up and become stronger. In addition, players choose the fate of defeated enemies like killing them in front of the crowd or showing mercy and sparing their lives.

Key features of the game include:

  • High Stakes, Over-the-top Brutal Combat
    • Beat other players by using different weapons like an ax or arrow.
    • It’s also possible to kick them into deadly traps.
    • Raise the stakes and bet wisely to grab great rewards. Failing however could mean losing your life.
  • I Was Born Like This, Seriously
    • Come up with your very own customized warrior.
    • Players can also give their warriors some interesting titles.
  • Settle Your Beef
    • Play online with and against friends to show who’s the top dog.
  • ​Form Powerful Alliances
    • Don’t forget to choose trustworthy and strong allies to come up with that winning strategy.
    • Just remember that alliances are fragile and not to trust anyone.
  • Level Up
    • Gain experience and level up warriors with better weapons, armor, stats, and skills that can be passed down for generations to come.
  • ​Battle Your Way
    • Show how strong you are in 1v1 battles or team up for 2v2 battles.
    • Players can also enjoy the co-op boss battles.
    • There’s also the “Free for All” combat.
  • ​Are You Not Entertained?
    • Boost your favorite warrior’s lineage, and be sure to hype up the crowd.
    • Rally the crowd to your advantage.
    • Head over to the local tavern and try your luck by betting on a game of change.
  • Roguelike Gameplay
    • In the game, once a warrior is dead, it remains dead.
  • You Are Judge, Jury, and Executioner
    • As the winner, players can choose how to deal with their defeated enemies.

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