WARNO: British and French Forces Have Arrived


The British 1st Armoured Division and the French 5e Division Blindée have arrived in the strategy game WARNO via the new BESSIERES Update.

The British 1st Armoured Division is well-known for its superior tanks. Players can deploy lots of Chieftain Mk.9, Chieftain Mk. 11, and Challenger Mk.1 battle tanks on the battlefield as they wish. These tanks move slowly, but they wield enough firepower to level the playing field, thanks to their 120mm tank gun. This division also contains the Centurion Mk.5 AVRE, which is the British equivalent to the M728 with the same 165mm M135 short-barreled demolition gun.

While the British 1st Armoured Division is packed with a lot of great tanks, the French 5e Division Blindée is more well-rounded, thanks to the versatility of its units. The division’s infantry comes equipped with FAMAS assault rifles, ANF-1 medium machine guns, and LRAC F1 automatic weapons that can make quick work of the enemy. The 5e Division Blindée also features some strong anti-air (AA) defenses, including the TRM-2000 Tarasque gun tracks that have 20mm AA guns, and the AMX-13 DCA with twin 30mm weapons and radar.

British 1st Armoured Division Tank
British 1st Armoured Division Tank Steam

Here are the other units that players can expect from the new divisions in WARNO:

  • LOG
    • Rover CP Command Jeep
    • FV432 Command
    • FV105 Sultan tracked CVs
    • Bedford Trucks
    • Chinook HC.1 Helicopters
  • INF
    • 8-man Rifles Squads with L85A1 assault rifles, L86A1 SAW and LAW-80 rocket launchers, deployable in FV432 APCs
  • RECO
    • Ferret armored car
    • FV721 Fox equipped with a RARDEN 30mm autocannon
    • M113 Green Archer with Radar
    • Infantry Scouts in Sparta recon/transport APCs and Lynx Helicopters
  • AIR
    • Harrier
    • Jaguar GR.1
    • Tornado F3
    • Tornado GR.1
  • LOG
    • P4 PC Jeep
    • VAB PC Wheeled Vehicle
    • AMX-10 PC Tracked Armored Vehicles
  • INF
    • Prévôté gendarmes and Sapeurs Engineers Squads with MAT-49 SMGs and MAS-49/56 rifles
    • Groupe Antichar with two APILAS and Commandos fielding SIG-543 and FN Minimi
  • ART
    • 120mm Mortars
    • Self-propelled VAB PM-81 mortars
    • AMX-AUF1 155mm Self-propelled gun
  • TANK
    • AMX-30B2
    • AMX-30B
    • AMX-30B2 Brennus with ERA reactive armor bricks
    • P4 Milan 2
    • VAB Mephisto
    • AMX-10 HOT
    • AMX-30 EBG
  • RECO
    • Alouette III Helicopter
    • P4 Jeep
    • VLRA .50 Light Truck
    • AMX-10 VOA
    • AMX-10 RC
    • AMX-10 RC Surblindé Heavy Recon
  • HELO
    • Gazelle HOT
    • Gazelle Canon
  • AIR
    • Mirage 5 F
    • Jaguar Ground Attack Planes
    • Mirage III E
    • Mirage F1C-200
5e Division Blindée Tanks
5e Division Blindée Tanks Steam

So, what can you say about the new British and French Forces? Which division are you going to play as soon as you hop into the game?

WARNO BESSIERES Update is available on PC.

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