Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update 3.2 Patch Notes: QoL Changes, Bug Fixes, And More

Warhammer: Vermintide 2
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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 received a much-needed patch today. The update doesn’t add any new content, but it does include tons of Quality of Life changes. Some annoying bugs were also squashed. Most of the changes are for PC users only.

You can increase the speed of reward pop-ups by pressing Space or ESC. The animation speed of crafting is also increased, and now you can press a button to clear the salvage grid. Automatic blocking is implemented when you lose control of your character, and you don’t have to re-add items when you are upgrading the same item.

Complete patch notes of the updates are mentioned below and on the official site.


Quality of Life

End of Round

  • Added ability to speed up rewards popup by pressing [space]/[esc] on PC or [A] on Xbox or [circle] on PS4 while the popup is present.
  • Sped up results screen summery and chest upgrade animations by 3x while holding space or "confirm" on controllers.
  • Rewards popup now requires "pressed" event instead of "hold" so player would have a chance to react when receiving level reward chest.

Spoils of War

  • [space] now is same as pressing "open" button to open chest in spoils of war screen.
  • [space] now reveals all of the loot from the chest.
  • [space] now closes the loot preview screen if all of the loot is open.
  • Chest selection is now preserved when going back to item grid, unless there are no more instances of the selected type of chest, then it goes back to usual behavior of selecting first chest in current active page.


  • Sped up crafting animations.
  • Added quick fill salvage grid with specified rarity.
  • Added button to clear salvage grid.
  • You no longer need to re-add the item to the upgrade window to continue upgrading the item.


  • Implemented automatic blocking when losing control of your character.


  • While waiting players can now read interesting Lore-Tips that are visible at the bottom of the loading screen.

Known issues: Salvaging QoL only works for PC UI so far, looking into adding it to gamepad UI.

General Fixes/tweaks

  • Fixed several localization issues.
  • Fixed a sound issue with 'Curse of Comradeship' occuring if a player would leaved the lobby while standing too far from its allies.


  • Filled up a hole in the ground by the Helmgart Skittergate control panel.
  • Rasknitt's arena should now spawn less enemies below ground.
  • Sienna cannot Firewalk where there's not enough space anymore.
  • Morrslieb has been told not do create overlapping moons during some weather variations.
  • Bots should now navigate a particularly frustrating area with far less frustration.

Festering Ground

  • The Darkness of Heresy is now moon-less.
  • The Ubersreik 5 will no longer get stuck between a pair of rocks.

Against the Grain

  • A ladder inside the barn has been adjusted to make Bot movement smoother.


  • Fixed a VFX issue in the Metal Weave.


  • Longbows with DoT Talent(s) now only apply DoTs when expected.
  • Fixed an animation bug with the Executioners light-attack chain (specifically the transition between an interrupted light 1 and light 2).
  • Foot Knight - Rock of the Reikland - No longer removes the damage reduction of the aura.
  • Grail Knight - Fixed so the Grail Knight health regen buff no longer massively slows or entirely stops temp hp decay.


  • Battle Wizard - 'Soot Shield' - No longer applies when attacking a party member.


  • Ironbreaker - Rising Pressure - Updated talent tooltip to be more descriptive.
  • Ranger - Exuberance - Fixed an issue with talent tooltip displaying incorrect duration timer.


  • Longbows with DoT Talent(s) now only apply DoTs when expected.
  • Handmaiden - Power from Pain - Fixed an issue where the talent didn't apply the proper critical strike chance bonus as intended.
  • 1h Axe - Reverted push attack critical strike chance back to 20%, was reduced to 10% after beta.
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