Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tower of Treachery Now Available

Tower of Treachery
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Brave Warhammer: Vermintide 2 adventurers are in for a treat as the new map called Tower of Treachery is now available on PC. This is part of a free update, which means all players of the game can enjoy this new content and more.

Enter the Tower

The Tower of Treachery is a new map in Vermintide 2 where players are tasked to put an end to Sofia Fuegonasus’ plans of spreading her corruption over Bretonnia, Grey Mountains, and the Reikland.

They will come across tough undead enemies summoned by the powerful necromancer. The place is also riddled with traps and illusions set by both Olesya and Sofia which may lead players astray if they’re not careful.

As mentioned earlier, all brave adventurers can enter the Tower of Treachery thanks to the free update. This is currently only available on PC, though Fatshark Studios will release it for console in early Q2 2023.

Patch Notes

  • Added a menu where players can access our old cinematics. This is found in the main menu.
  • QoL for the crafting menu, players can now sort (based on rarity or power), filter on rarities, and search for keywords.
  • Halescourge: Fixed various spots where bots could get stuck.
  • Convocation of Decay: The end event logic has been reworked to stop the event getting stuck. You shouldn't notice a difference here.
  • Convocation of Decay: The damaging area of the pool in the end event should now exactly match the visuals.
  • Righteous Stand: Fixed an issue where bots regularly got stuck on the ladder leading to the second Grimoire.
  • Against the Grain: Fixed a location where captured players could spawn beyond a boss-wall.
  • Skittergate - Added even MOAR failsafes to try and protect players from being one-shot when traversing the Skittergate.
  • Added an icon for "Temple of Shadows" in the Chaos Wastes Twitch Mode voting interface on the map screen.
  • UI: Removed Remote Control Server Menu from the game (was on F2 keybind).
  • UI: Multibind: Fixed a case in which unbinding the first key would instead unbind the second.
  • UI: Multibind: Fixed resetting all binds not working for keys with are by default unassigned.
  • Fixed a UI crash when an invalid difficulty is selected (eg: players switching from the modded realm to the official realm).
  • Fixed double-negative appearing in the "Disable Weekly Events" Twitch setting.
  • Changed the "Inventory full" warning to also show when opening multiple chests is not possible. Added a background to improve legibility.
  • Fixed a bug where Bardin Ranger could become invisible indefinitely.
  • Fixed bug where enemies would keep chasing and attempting to attack invisible players.
  • Fixed various unspecifiable crashes and networking issues.
  • Equipped torches now light up the environment properly when inspecting your character in third person.

So, are you brave enough to enter the Tower of Treachery in Warhammer: Vermintide 2?

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