Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Launches Sister of the Thorn on Console

New content for console players.
New content for console players. Fatshark

Console players of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 have a reason to rejoice with the Sister of the Thorn now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PS4 players, however, get something extra with the Chaos Wastes expansion.

In a statement, Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund shared that when the Sister of the Thorn and Chaos Wastes was first released, it experienced enormous success. He added that they are happy to release them both on consoles.

Sister of the Thorn

The Sister of the Thorn offers a new career for Kerillian. It brings new abilities, new weapon types, and even a new talent tree. Kerillian also gets a new character skin and new voice lines through this new content.

Using the latest content will allow Kerillian to use magic in a totally different way. There’s no doubt that Sister of the Thorn is a perfect member of any team.

Chaos Wastes

Chaos Wastes is the next chapter in the game and offered as a free download. For this new content, players are tasked to reach the Citadel of Eternity. The catch is to complete the journey, players need to be pure of heart. It’s because everything goes back to basics, meaning no armor.

New features include:

  • Pilgrim’s Coins
    • In Chaos Waste, there are unique coins that can be used in exchange for weapons or godly favor. So be sure to use them wisely.
  • ​Chest of Trials
    • On the way to the Citadel, you can encounter Chest of Trials along the way. Open them draws the attention of an enemy but gives a reward after defeating it.
  • ​Shrines
    • There are uncorrupted shrines scattered across the Chaos Wastes. Players can get Miracles and Boons from the gods. However, a sacrifice may be needed.
  • ​Waystone Altars
    • There are weapon stashes that contain weapons. To get them, players need to use Pilgrim’s Coins. The more coins to open a stash, the stronger the weapon is.
  • Potions
    • Don’t forget to pick up mysterious potions scattered on the road.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is set in the Warhammer universe with players fighting against the Chaos army and Skaven. There are five characters to choose from, and each one has 15 different careers.

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