War Thunder: Update Adds Alarm Clock Icon; Fixed Issue with Obstacles

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Steam

War Thunder just received a new update that brings new useful features, including an alarm clock icon that gives you a heads-up if an item is about to expire. Update also fixes a huge issue regarding some obstacles that could hamper the advance of most ground vehicles.

New Features

In most games nowadays, including War Thunder, some items would expire, and others would stay in your inventory until you use them. That said, have you ever been in a situation where you had an item that was about to expire and forgot that it was in your possession? This is a pretty common scenario.

To address this issue, developer Gaijin Entertainment has added an alarm clock icon that will appear on items that only have a few hours left before they expire. This is to tell you to activate or use them soon.

In addition, boosters and personal discounts are marked with a colored box to signify that you only have a short time left to take advantage of them.

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacle Bug Fixed
Obstacle Bug Fixed Steam

Previously, there was a bug that prevented many ground vehicles from overcoming even simple obstacles. Upon investigation, the developers found out that it was due to an incorrect determination of the angle of inclination, specifically of the surface under the vehicle. This has been corrected to reduce the chances of your tanks getting impeded by trenches and other complex objects.

Update Changelog

  • A “Filters” option has been added to the secondary weapons menu. Now you may choose to display only “favorite” or “available” setups, as well as display the setups by modification tier
  • A bug has been fixed where an effect of fire could remain on the battlefield after the vehicle’s hull disappears
  • M1128: Max engine speed has been specified from 2,600 to 2,400 rpm; max speed has been corrected from 121 to 96.5 km/h
  • BMP-3: A bug has been fixed with the laser rangefinder over the gun’s barrel with the “Sodema” modification installed
  • Radkampfwagen 90: A bug has been fixed where in some cases the protection of the armor fragment in the lower part of the turret was overestimated
  • The accuracy of laser and correlation rangefinders has been increased
  • Me 163B, Me 163B-0, Ki-200: A bug has been fixed that prevented take-off from unpaved airfields
  • A bug has been fixed where wing spoilers may display raised in the hangar or on the reserve site
  • J-7E: max launch overload in 4G has been removed from the PL-5B missiles
  • AIM-7F, Р-24Р missiles: Autopilot logic at close distances to the target has been improved

So, what can you say about War Thunder’s latest update?

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