War Thunder: Update Optimizes Respawn Zones; Fixes Reloading on ATGMs

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Steam

A new update has been deployed for War Thunder that optimized respawn zones and fixed reloading issues on some vehicles with anti-tank guided missiles. Read on to learn more.

Respawn Zones Improved

The community has reported an issue where there are times that some vehicles will get in your way when you respawn on the battlefield. The developers have rectified this problem in Update

When someone takes a bit longer to get into the combat zone - may it be because they took longer to click the “Battle” button or they were having a hard time choosing a vehicle - they will now appear slightly behind those who are more eager to start the skirmish.

This change helps tidy up the respawn point to prevent the collision issues that were reported before this patch.

Reloading Issue on Some ATGMs Fixed

Vehicles equipped with anti-tank guided missiles, such as the M901 and Roland 1, may encounter an issue where the turret would automatically go into reloading position even though there’s no more ammo left in your reserves. Fortunately, this problem is already addressed, so just patch your game client as soon as you can.

Update Highlights

  • ZPRK 2S6: incorrect ammo capacity on 30mm guns after installing the 2S6M1 modification has been fixed
  • A-4E Early: cockpit view on the seeker camera and the sight camera has been changed from color to monochrome
  • A32A: a bug has been fixed that permitted disabling the “Chaff” modification resulting in a disabling of the presets containing chaff. The number of bombs in the presets containing chaff has been corrected for the secondary weapon menu
  • Ka-29: the number of displayed ammunition has been corrected for the 8x9M114 Sturm preset
  • AH-1G: zooming in the third-person view camera has been corrected for better aiming
  • AH Mk.1: preliminary self-destruction of the HVM Starstreak missiles have been fixed
  • MPK Pr.201M: minimum vertical aiming limits of the RBU-1200 launcher have been reduced in the preset including mines
  • HMS Blackpool camera angle required to fire the Limbo mortar has been changed
  • Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting a monthly +40% RP booster for 10 battles, +75% SL booster for 10 battles, and 5 universal backups

War Thunder Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Mac, Linux, and PC.

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