War Thunder December 28 Update: Expanded Interface Settings and Bug Fixes

War Thunder December 28 Update
War Thunder December 28 Update Steam

War Thunder received an update that introduced changes to the Underground Airfield and Interface Settings. In addition to that, several in-game issues have been fixed.

Underground Airfield

Previously, there was an error that caused the model of interactions with surrounding objects for this airfield to be above the ground level. The developers have fixed the bug, so now, all carriers of nuclear weapons and other aircraft can take off from the airfield.

Improved Onboard Radar for Aircraft

The latest update introduced many improvements for onboard radars of some aircraft to increase their reliability in the air target tracking mode and enhance the transition from detection to capturing. The developer also reduced the range of speeds in which a radio guided missile searches for a target, preventing it from seeing unnecessary targets.

Expanded Interface Settings

The developer has added messages to make it easier for players to see the rewards. The option to switch off these messages can be found in Settings > Battle Interface. Also, it is now possible for players to hide certain elements, such as the orders panel, log of destroyed vehicles, and chat.

War Thunder December 28 Update

  • The volume of enemy vehicles in the rear hemisphere has been increased.
  • Sounds of rockets and missiles passing by have become more distinctive and bright (in a 2 km area around the player).
  • A bug has been fixed where hit decals might be displayed incorrectly: armor penetration marks might be displayed on aircraft, and aircraft skin damage might be displayed on ground vehicles.
  • A bug has been fixed where hit decals might twinkle when turning the camera.
  • Non-purchased ships and boats now have access to torpedoes in test sail.
  • Reward notifications for actions have been added to Simulator battles, such as a hit to enemy vehicle, capturing of a point, etc. This allows a player to track the helpful actions reward in each period of time and be aware at period end and start. These notifications could be hidden in the “Battle Interface” section of the options menu, by unchecking the box “Show reward message for an action.”
  • A bug has been fixed where aircraft might appear under the airfields’ textures in the “Finland” and “Ash river” locations.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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