War Thunder: A Bunch of Gameplay Bugs Resolved in Update

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A bunch of important fixes are implemented in the latest patch for War Thunder. Some things resolved in Update include an issue with crew replacement in certain vehicles and a problem with binoculars in free look mode.

The general crew rule in War Thunder is that the primary gunner and driver should be alive for vehicles to be ready for combat. But it is different for vehicles with dual control and targeting systems. That is because, in this setup, more people can take on the tasks left by crew members who have died in battle. The hierarchy of crew members in this setup is as follows:

Secondary gunner, radio operator > commander > loader > primary gunner > driver.

That said, there was an issue where the rule didn’t work properly in some cases. If the commander and the loader die consecutively, for example, the radio operator would take the place of the commander instead of the loader. This is now fixed in Update

There’s also an issue with free look mode now fixed in this patch. Basically, what happened was that the commander would be facing in the same direction as the vehicle’s gun while switching to binoculars. The fix corrects the commander, so they face the same way as the camera.

Other notable changes in this update can be found below:

  • M19, M19 (Japan), M42, M42 (Japan): Sequential firing of 40mm cannons has been added.
  • 2S6 SAM: Sequential firing for the barrels of the 30mm 2A38 cannons have been added.
  • XM8: A bug with lowered anti-aircraft machine gun rotation speed when installing the "Level 3" module with additional protection has been fixed.
  • KAB-500L, Mk.13, BGL-400, BGL-1,000: A bug with the absence of the capture of the homing head which appeared in some cases during dropping from level flight and pitching up has been fixed.
  • F-4C: A bug where by using 2,000 pounds MK84 bomb the bombs on the left side and bombs on the fuselage were placed not on own pylons has been fixed.
  • Crash when trying to take off in an A-7E after failed takeoff in an F-4C Phantom II has been fixed.
  • Appearance of vehicles in each other when quickly switching nations in the ground vehicle hangar has been fixed.
  • A bug with the inability to respawn after losing a vehicle has been fixed.
  • Appearance of the artifacts on thermal imager at high level of graphic and effects has been fixed.
  • Artifacts from various smoke effects on Macs with an Nvidia GPU have been fixed.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

War Thunder Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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