'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Spoilers: 'Major Death' Teased By Greg Nicotero?

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The Walking Dead
It's about to get real for Rick on The Walking Dead. AMC

One of your favorite The Walking Dead cast members is probably going to die in season 6. The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero recently told Empire magazine comic book readers know what’s up with Negan’s arrival.

"If you read the comic book, you know we're climbing towards a major death," Nicotero told Empire (via ComicBook.com).

[Warning: The Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead]

Nicotero was likely referring to Glenn’s death during the interview with Empire magazine. Comic book readers know Negan’s arrival in The Walking Dead means Glenn’s life is on the line. In the comics, Rick’s crew is ambushed on their way to the Hilltop Community. Negan lines them up and decides he needs to kill one person in order to teach Rick a lesson. Negan ultimately chooses Glenn and beats him with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire he’s named “Lucille.”

However, the show has notoriously switched up the deaths from The Walking Dead comics. For example, it was Tyreese not Herschel who the Governor beheaded in front of Rick’s crew at the prison. It’s possible the show could swap out another beloved character, such as Carol or Daryl, to surprise viewers.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman visited AMC’s The Talking Dead after the show’s midseason finale where he discussed what Negan’s appearance meant for the series. Kirkman told The Talking Dead audience Negan’s arrival will drastically change the direction of the show.

"Negan really was just this thing, this catalyst thrown into the mix to show, 'No, there's still a lot going on in The Walking Dead. There's still new things to be discovered,'" Kirkman said. "The fact that we're getting to this point in the show now that this catalyst is going to be thrown in, at some point in the future (I can't say which episode but clearly he's been cast so you guys know he's coming up), that's going to just fundamentally change everything that we're doing in a really interesting, drastic, and scary way."

The Walking Dead returns to Feb. 14 on AMC.

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