The Walking Dead Onslaught VR Gets Announcement Teaser Trailer

The zombie series will now try its hand in virtual reality.
Survios and AMC announce a brand-new VR title called The Walking Dead Onslaught.
Survios and AMC announce a brand-new VR title called The Walking Dead Onslaught. Survios

A new The Walking Dead game has been revealed, and this time it centers focus on another platform.

Survios and AMC officially unveiled The Walking Dead Onslaught, the first game in the series to be introduced in VR. Survios, its developer, is the studio behind other VR titles such as Creed: Rise to Glory and Raw Data.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is set to feature your character fighting alongside recognizable faces from the series in a standalone story developed for the video game in partnership with AMC. Onslaught will be combat-based as well, and allows players to experience incredibly detailed melee and ranged combat. Check out the announcement trailer below.

The game has a Steam listing, and Survios mentions that The Walking Dead Onslaught will feature both single-player and multiplayer elements. It’s not exactly sure at the moment on what platforms The Walking Dead Onslaught will be available on, however the Steam listing says that it’s set for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

While there have been several good games for The Walking Dead, there have also been a number of flops and the like over the years. The only series that can be considered a critical and commercial success is Telltale Games’ point-and-click adventure series The Walking Dead, which is an episodic video game mostly based on the comics.

Others didn’t fare so well; Terminal Reality and Activision’s outing, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct mostly received a negative reception. The title is a first-person shooter filled with various bugs and general incompetence. You can practically glean that the game is nothing more than a blatant cash grab, even down to its use of the popular character Daryl Dixon as the protagonist. Another Walking Dead game soon followed, this time developed Overkill Software and published by Starbreeze Studios, aptly titled Overkill’s The Walking Dead. It received mixed reviews, and had a short life due to major issues with licensing. The game was removed from all digital stores after Skybound Entertainment ended the contract between them and Starbreeze.

In any case, let’s hope that The Walking Dead Onslaught fares a bit better than its predecessors, even for a VR game.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is set to be released sometime in Fall 2019.

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