Hearthstone Wacky Waxy Winter's Veil Tavern Brawl Guide: Open Your Presents

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hearthstone kobold santa
No take presents! Blizzard

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is “Wacky Waxy Winter's Veil,” which celebrates Winter’s Veil, the Azeroth Christmas knock-off. Each player starts with four 0/4 presents on the field that, when destroyed, adds a random Legendary minion to their hands that costs three less mana. On turn seven, the Kobold Santa Claus returns to drop off four more presents for each player. The drop-off can potentially fill your entire board and prevent you from playing anymore minions, so keep that in mind. This Brawl rewards three Knights Of The Frozen Throne packs on completion, so a win is totally worth your while. It’s also in the Wild format—every card Hearthstone has ever produced is playable.

Winning this Brawl is easy; it only depends if you want to do it with cheese or hard work. Play as Evolve Shaman and save that one-mana transformation spell in your mulligan. It’s dirty, but it totally works. There’s nothing your opponent can do to stop themselves from getting nothing and it completely removes the only unique aspect of this whole mode. If you are after the win alone, this is an easy (and cheap) strategy that has a massive rage quit rate. I tried out a few games just to see how it works and my opponents never made it past the second turn.

If you are looking to play something with a bit more heart, there are plenty of decks to choose from. Buff Priest, which uses cards like Shadow Ascendent, turns your useless gifts into fighting machines. If you’re like me and want to utilize all those Wild cards that have been sitting in your collection box, I’ve built the deck. Building off the incredibly powerful Secret Paladin that brought me to Legend almost two years ago, you curve out every turn until six when you play Mysterious Challenger. Competitive Spirit and Avenge buff your boxes, making them actually useful minions. Crazed Alchemist and Kooky Chemist are there for free Legendaries and are amazing in this Brawl.

Deck List:

2x Avenge

1x Competitive Spirit

2x  Noble Sacrifice

1x  Redemption

1x  Repentance

2x  Crazed Alchemist

2x  Hydrologist

2x  Shielded Minibot

1x  Aldor Peacekeeper

1x  Coghammer

1x  Divine Favor

2x  Muster for Battle

1x  Blessing of Kings

1x  Consecration

1x  Keeper of Uldaman

2x  Kooky Chemist

1x  Truesilver Champion

2x  Sludge Belcher

2x  Mysterious Challenger

1x  Dr. Boom

1x  Tirion Fordring

Deck Import Code: AAEBAZ8FDIwB6AHcA6cFzwb6Bq8HjwnrD54Q2BTJFgnIBKEGgQ6MDuoP7Q+mFeG6ArPBAgA=

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