The Voidslayer is Coming Soon to Pistol Whip

Something powerful is coming to thehorizon. Cloudhead Games

The Voidslayer is all set to make its way to Pistol Whip. There's going to be new locations to fight enemies in along with a new beat to groove to. There are three new scenes to be added and each one serves as an act within an epic journey.

The first one is "Hero's Dawn" and comes out this June. It brings with it a call of destiny and have players follow it across a world of fire and darkness where an endless stream of enemies lie in wait. The next two scenes are expected to be released in the weeks after.

Going back to the new music genre, players can look forward to hearing power metal. In particular, there are three music tracks players can choose and comes from the likes of Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal, and Firewind.

New Modifiers

New modifiers have also been added to the game. The first is Color Match where players need to think quickly especially since their weapons are color-coordinated to the enemies on the field. Specifically, only shots from matching-colored guns are going to hit. This is one of those Modifiers that players are sure to go back on and replay each single Scene especially once they've mastered it.

Then there's the Deflector modifier which gives players the ability to send their bullets ricocheting back at your foes.

Get Ready to Fight

Pistol Whip is a physical FPS that offers dynamic tracks, dreamscape visuals, and easy to learn but tough to master gunplay. Key features include:

  • Take aim and fire on the beat as you barrel through Scene after Scene.
  • Find your flow, rack up points, become unstoppable.
  • Tackle more than 35 unique Scenes, bag daily Contracts challenges, and always stay tuned for the next big content update.
  • Fall into vivid fantasias, shimmering nightmares, and skylines that pulse with the beat and then blast your way back out.
  • From Devora's furious desert rock to the driving basslines of Apashe, the soundtrack is sure to have you feeling invincible.

Pistol Whip is a VR game released in 2019 and made available for Oculus Quest and Microsoft Windows. A version was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2020 with PlayStation 5 support made available beginning February 2023. You can get the game through Steam.

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