Vignettes Mobile Puzzler Now Available On PC and Mac

Vignettes is coming to PC and Mac!
Vignettes is coming to PC and Mac! Skeleton Business

One of the most popular mobile puzzle games of 2017 is now available on PC and Mac. Vignettes is a casual puzzle game that combines interactive and exploration elements to give players a unique and deeply enjoyable gaming experience. It launched for iOS and Android in 2017 and has since won and been nominated for numerous awards from the gaming industry. Vignettes for PC and Mac brings to the table the same colorful experience of the mobile version, but with all-new improvements and content.

Vignettes may not have the groundbreaking graphics or fancy engines of AAA titles, but is innovative in its own right. Vignettes offers a one-of-a-kind experience that uses stunning visuals and bright pastel colors to take players on a unique journey. The game takes players from the tops of mountains up to the moon in search of kittens to rescue and and ancient spirits to awaken. There's also time travel and much more.

Since it launched on mobile platforms in 2017, Vignettes has become one of the best independent games of the puzzler genre. Vignettes for both iOS and Android still enjoy some of the highest user ratings on either platform, and the reviews for the PC version are looking even better. Fans of the mobile game are definitely showing their support for the beloved puzzle game, now on both PC and Mac.

Vignettes is available for purchase on Steam as well as on the popular indie gaming host, Vignettes is priced the same on both platforms, and sits at a comfortable $7.99. However, if you act fast, you might be able to get it at 10% off while it’s on sale. And don’t worry, it’s on sale on both Steam and so you can get it from either store for $7.19.

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