‘The Venture Bros.’ Season 6 Premieres Jan. 31, Henchman 21’s Recap Is The Best Way To Get Caught Up

'The Venture Bros.' return to Adult Swim on Jan. 31.
'The Venture Bros.' return to Adult Swim on Jan. 31. Adult Swim

Sometimes you just want to watch some cartoons with swearsies.

The Venture Bros. has dozens of characters sprawling over five seasons and a handful of consequential specials. While it’s too fast-paced and fun to be forbidding, The Venture Bros. can be a bewildering show for newcomers.

Attendant with this new *fireworks*GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISIONNNNNNN!!!!!!!*youwatchTVforever* has come a general sense that you haven’t really watched a show if you haven’t seen every episode. Gone are the days when you could pop on Star Trek: The Next Generation every so often and still feel like you were allowed an opinion on Kirk vs. Picard.

This attitude can make television feel like work—as your Netflix queue expands like a to-do list—but it does have the benefit of giving us shows with mythologies and continuities worthy of superhero sagas or sprawling Russian novels.

With The Venture Bros. Season 6 premiering on Jan. 31 (midnight on Adult Swim) there’s still time to shut the blinds, put on sweats, glaze your eyes, and get caught up with Adult Swim’s most continuity-heavy show.

Or you could just watch this video of Henchman 21, recently Sphinx Commander, explaining it all.

‘The Venture Bros.’ Season 5 Recap

The Venture Bros. Season 6, Episode 1, “Hostile Makeover,” premieres on Jan. 31 at midnight on Adult Swim.

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