Vampyr Switch Release Coming On October 29

The title first released for PC and consoles back in June of 2018.
Focus Home Interactive announces an October 29 release date for Vampyr on the Switch.
Focus Home Interactive announces an October 29 release date for Vampyr on the Switch. Focus Home Interactive

The latest Nintendo Direct held a plethora of exciting news and announcements for the Nintendo Switch, with classics getting ported for the console and new developments on upcoming releases.

Following its initial release back in June 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Focus Home Interactive and developer Dontnod Entertainment has officially announced a release date for the Switch version of Vampyr. The third-person action adventure game will be making its way to the platform in October, although it remains to be seen if the game will also get a physical release alongside the digital one on the eShop. Check out a new trailer for the Switch version of Vampyr below.

The trailer features an overview of what Switch players can look forward to in this thrilling vampire detective story, accompanied by the fine orchestral soundtrack from Olivier Deriviere. It’s unknown if the slight snippets of gameplay footage shown were that of the game running on a Switch, but if it is, then the port looks really good. Obviously, textures were a bit muddled and downgraded, but for the most part the experience looks smooth.

Vampyr follows the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly-turned vampire in 1918 London. With the city’s inhabitants being ravaged by the flu, Jonathan must ultimately choose between upholding his oath to save people, or giving in to his urges and feed on the same people he swore to heal. With a hefty narrative to immerse yourself in, a semi-open world city to discover, and various paths to take which will ultimately decide the fate of London, Vampyr is an amazing game from the narrative masters at Dontnod.

Vampyr will be released for the Switch on October 29.

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