Valorant's First Ultra Skin Set Costs $100

Valorant Elderflame
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There was a time when buying cosmetics for your characters in video games wasn't considered a legitimate business strategy. Selling cosmetics likes armor, weapon, and mount skins would simply instill anger in players. However, in the long run, the business strategy turned out to be profitable and players started showing deep interest in customizing their characters and flaunting new styles and weapon skins. Selling cosmetics doesn't impact gameplay mechanics, which keeps the game fair to those who choose to buy cosmetics and those who do not.

Sometimes these cosmetics can carry outrageous price tags and this is how many gamers are feeling toward Valorant's new legendary weapon skin that is priced at $100. The weapon skin puts an animated dragon on your weapons. The dragon also reacts when shooting other players and inspecting or reloading the weapon.

The legendary weapon skin set is called Elderflame. It is Valorant's first-ever Ultra skin set.

Valorant's cosmetics are spreads across five tiers including, Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive. The Ultra Edition skins are the most expensive of the tiers, costing 2,475 Valorant Points. The pricing for the Exclusive Tier varies, so they aren't counted.

Valorant Points can be purchased from the game's store. These points are sold in bundles that range from $5 for 475 VP, to $100 for 11,000 VP. A single piece of the Ultra set costs 2,475 VP for one piece, which comes to 9,900 VP for the full set.

Riot's revenue lead Joe Lee tweeted that the Ultra set is a bundle of four, which means it will end up costing $100 for the entire set.

If you thought that it was all that Riot has to offer, we have something more for you. These legendary sets can also be upgraded using Radianite. This is a special currency that can be earned by completing the Battle Pass or you can also directly purchase it using VP. Upgrading weapon skins unlock new effects, animations, and finishers.

The legendary Elderflame skinset is scheduled to go live on July 10.

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