VALHALL: Harbinger Update 0.6.7: Bug Fixes, New Features, and More

VALHALL: Harbinger update
VALHALL: Harbinger update steam

VALHALL: Harbinger developer, Blackrose Arts, recently released a new update that fixed bugs and added new features.

The dual-wield and shield system is one of the best additions in this update as it allows players to use weapons in both hands or they can even hold up a torch on one hand to illuminate the area around them. It seems the default is a torch on the left hand and a sword on the right hand. But you can switch them if you prefer swinging a sword on the left hand. And if you do, the game engine still allows attacking using the torch on the right hand.

VALHALL: Harbinger Update 0.6.7

  • Optimized map scale.
  • Added small settlements.
  • Added bot raids.
  • Added crafting.
  • Added arrows quantity.
  • Added character sleeping.
  • Added option to select spawn point.
  • Added bed you can use as a spawn point.
  • Added underwater post effect and damage.
  • Added key binding option for building and hammer throw.
  • Added battle cries for bots.
  • Added compass and waypoints.
  • Increased the visibility range of players.
  • Increased foundation height for easier placement.
  • Increased torch light radius.
  • Decreased fog density for visual and visibility improvements.
  • Fixed stopping the respawn of bots in the Weapon Test mode.
  • Fixed building on the water.
  • Fixed sprint acceleration, character doesn't slow down anymore.
  • Fixed Mjolnir idle animations.
  • Fixed weapon not dropping after character death in Survival.
  • Fixed the highlight of a weapon equipped by another player as a pickup item.
  • Fixed archer bot sometimes shooting while standing sideways to the player (looking in a different direction).
  • Fixed archers sometimes have no arrows.
  • Fixed torch widget remaining forever after death.
  • Fixed collision for stairs so that bots can climb it normally.
  • Fixed the sound of the building and on/off of the torch is heard throughout the map.
  • Fixed bushes that could not be chopped. You can now chop down every tree/bush on the map.

Main Known Issues

  • Customized weapon equip doesn't work correctly after the latest inventory rework.
  • Latency has too big an influence on the block (VFX could not work as well as block quality is not what we are aiming for).
  • Some bots in single-player have "None" instead of name.
  • In rare cases, the game process doesn't finish on its own for a long time.
  • Weapon impulse bugging. Sometimes no impulse or too big.
  • Characters don't play movement animations correctly. We need to fix upper body bones rotation during movement animations.
  • [Important] Some bugs can appear due to conflict with temp/saved files of previous VALHALL versions on your PC. If you meet an unlisted issue then:
    • delete all game saves here: C:/Users/YourName/AppData/Local/ VALHALL
    • uninstall the game through Steam
    • delete manually game folder in your Steam folder

You can read more about the update here.

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