VAIL VR: Patch 0.7.103 Features Server Browser and Map Improvements

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VAIL VR is a tactical shooter developed by AEXLAB specifically to immerse you in a competitive, virtual-reality environment. This game boasts incredible physics to simulate how things interact in the real world. For example, grenades can bounce around corners if thrown at certain angles.

The company launched Patch 0.7.103 for VAIL VR recently. This update brought a ton of improvements, particularly to enemy highlights, server browser, and various maps.

One of the ways you can distinguish a friend or foe in VAIL VR is through enemy highlights. Back then, the highlights would disappear pretty quickly when you come close to the enemy. However, in this update, the enemy highlights now take longer to disappear at close range to help you recognize if the person in sight is friend or foe.

Aside from that, the in-game server browser now allows matches to be sorted depending on the category you choose. By default, the matches with the lowest ping will be displayed at the top of the list, allowing you to quickly join the action with the least amount of latency.

The company made some considerable changes to all maps as well. For instance, the one-way, see-through gap in Maar that provided some people with an unfair advantage in the upper catwalk has been patched up. This is in line with AEXLAB’s vision of a fair, balanced, and competitive game for everyone.

Below are some of the map changes in Patch 0.7.103:

  • General performance pass on the entire map (LODs, texture size reduction and instancing)
  • Performance pass on Colonist Spawn
  • Adjusted the collision on the left-elevator in REYAB spawn which would unexpectedly launch players
  • Fixed visual clipping where the pond mesh would not line up with the water near Bridge
  • Optimization pass on the entire map (LOD's, reflection captures and texture size reduction)
  • Adjusted the kill volume near the container units that would unexpectedly kill players that were traversing past it
  • Patched the spot where players could climb behind Rock Tunnel and walk into a kill volume
  • Updated the lightmaps on the central building to improve visual fidelity
  • Adjusted the overall lighting in the map, to increase performance
  • Removed the visual seam on the wall in Mid/Colonist Spawn
  • Adjusted geometry and volumes around dumpster drop-down to not block visibility when snap turning
  • Clouds no longer effect directional light
  • Fixed bad reflection captures on Vista
  • Lightmap pass on the entire map, cleaning up all bad shadows
  • Plants no longer block bullet penetration

VAIL VR Patch 0.7.103 is available on PC.

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