V4 Introduces Maestro Class Latest Update

A new class arrives.
A new class arrives. Nexon America

V4 introduced the Maestro in its latest update. This is the third class to join the game and uses a pistol and a sword. Arriving with this new class are new gear types and different limited-time reward events.

By wielding both gun and sword, the Maestro can use various techniques. His main weapon is the Rapier while his sub-weapon is called the Magishot. He also brings some interesting skills to the battle like switching between Indignant and Composed stances.

New Gear

The two new gears introduced by the new update are Runes and Crests. Runes are a versatile gear type that can improve defense stats, especially when enhanced. These are purchasable at the V4 shop.

Meanwhile, Crests are supplemental gear that can enhance the attack of a character via Crit Hit stats. That said, rare and better crests can give greater strength since they also include defense, PVP, and even extra Crit DMG stats.

Crests are found in areas like Land of Evenfall warzones, Despaired Forest, and Arrogant Plains. They can also be found at the Lunatra battlefield but players need to have at least 50,000 CP to enter.

Both Rune and Crest Enhance Scrolls are needed for enhancing the new gear types, and the scrolls can guarantee as much as +2 enhancement. Be reminded that when attempting +3 or higher enhancements, there’s a chance it could destroy the gear.

Limited-Time Reward Events

Three limited-time reward events are launching as part of Maestro’s arrival. These are:

  • Costume Giveaway Event
    • Players who log in beginning March 17 get to redeem a free Rare Costume.
    • The “Valiant King” or “Judgement Queen” costumes are available on the in-game event page and are based on the player’s chosen class.
  • Red Gem Festival Event
    • Players get rewards based on how many Red Gems they managed to spend since the game was launched. Specifically, this is from July 23, 2020, to March 28, 2021.
    • Players who spent at least 300 gems across all characters get rewards based on available exchange tables.
    • Players who spent less the 300 games get a small reward.
  • Amazon Prime Reward Cycles
    • V4 players on mobile devices that can link their Amazon Prime account to the in-game menu get to receive exclusive rewards. This is, however, only given once each cycle.
    • Rewards include:
      • Rare Mounts
      • Super Starter Pack that contains a 30-day subscription, Beginner Gear Pack, and Beginner Accessory Pack

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