Unruly Heroes Gets May 28 Release Date For The PlayStation 4

It will come with some new context that is timed exclusive for the platform, though.
Unruly Heroes finally gets a release date for its PlayStation 4 release.
Unruly Heroes finally gets a release date for its PlayStation 4 release. Magic Design Studios

Are you a PlayStation 4 owner who has been dying to test out the new platformer video game, Unruly Heroes? Well, wait not longer, as it was finally announced with an official release date for later this month.

Unruly Heroes was published and developed by the French company, Magic Design Studios. The game was based on the popular Chinese novel entitled Journey to the West. Magic Design Studios, meanwhile, is a new company that has only entered the gaming industry four years ago. They began developing Unruly Heroes in June of 2017, before making its debut just this year last January 23.

There are four characters to choose from in Unruly Heroes, but you can freely switch every now and then if you want to. The first is the monkey king, Wukong. The second one is the sleepy monk, Sanzang. Then there’s the greedy pig, Kihong. Lastly, we have a sensitive brute called Sandmonk. You can play Unruly Heroes by yourself or with three other companions. There is also a PvP mode where you can challenge players locally or online.

Unruly Heroes was released on all the leading platforms including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. However, a PlayStation 4 version was left out. Now it seems that that was for a reason, as it’s revealed that they had bigger plans for the latter. Magic Design Studios announced that the PlayStation 4 version will be available on May 28, alongside new content that other platforms will have at a later date. There will be two new difficulty modes, some additional character skins, a photo mode, and a number of gameplay and control tweaks.

“On the surface, Unruly Heroes can be mistaken for a traditional platforming game but we really hope with the launch of the PlayStation 4 version we will be able to connect with a new audience who will really understand the amazing challenge that our game has to offer for lone players, groups of adventurers or those who like to go head-to-head against friends,” Sebastien Delord, lead designer of Magic Design Studios, explained.

Unruly Heroes will be available for PlayStation 4 on May 28. It will be sold for $19.99, but if you buy it within a week after the launch you can have access to a 20% discount. Check out the game's website for more info right here.

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