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If you are still engrossed in the beauty of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or the latest Star Wars movie, you might be already considering some amazing collectibles that can define your love for the franchise. From movies to video games, Star Wars is not just reserved for sci-fi enthusiasts. Today, Star Wars is continuing to unfold its story through new movies, TV shows, and video games and it is not difficult for one to get involved in its extensive lore. If you are looking for some of the best Star Wars accessories, these are some worthy items to add to your collection.

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Lightsaber Mug

Lightsaber Mug
Lightsaber Mug Amazon

This Star Wars lightsaber themed mug will cheer up any Star Wars fan. Pouring hot drinks in the mug activates the lightsabers and you can see multiple-colored lightsabers pop out of nowhere. The thermochromatic mug features 13 iconic lightsabers from the acclaimed franchise.

Storm Trooper Cable Guy - Controller Holder

Cable Guy
Cable Guy Amazon

This cute Storm Trooper Cable Guy can easily find a place in your living room, bedroom, or gaming area, and serves an important purpose. This eight-inch tall highly-detailed figurine is designed to hold your smartphone or controller. The figurine's base has been designed quite well and doesn't topple over easily. The Cable Guy also comes with a 3-in-1 USB cable that allows you to charge your smartphone or controller while the Storm Trooper takes care of the rest.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Star Wars Death Star
Star Wars Death Star Amazon

Recreate Star Wars' first film in the series with this Death Star LEGO set featuring 4,016 pieces. A fully constructed building measures 16-inches wide and 16-inches tall. The Death Star set features several rooms and play areas, and there are also various fun items included with the set, such as a TIE Advanced X1 fighter, lightsabers, and more.

Star Wars Themed Electric Shaver

Star Wars Themed Electric Shaver
Star Wars Themed Electric Shaver Amazon

This Star Wars-themed electric shaver from Philips is one of the best in the business. The Star Wars theme gives this electric shaver a rather dark twist. The shave kit includes a wet and dry shaver. The three ContourDetect heads of the shavers move along with the shape of your face and result in a fine shave.

Star Wars Chewbacca Cool Cup Holder

Star Wars Chewbacca Cool Cup Holder
Star Wars Chewbacca Cool Cup Holder Amazon

This simple item serves a very practical purpose. Not only does the furry cup holder look cool, it also keeps your 12-ounce can cool. The can cooler also prevents condensation build-up on the can. The thick padding on the inside of the cup holder acts as an insulator while on the outside it's all brown and furry like everyone's favorite co-pilot.
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Storm Trooper Helmet

StormTropper helmet
StormTropper helmet Amazon

This replica Storm Trooper helmet from Rogue One: a Star Wars Story is a highly-detailed one. The helmet is made out of high-quality molded plastic and qualifies as a "collector's grade" item. This helmet is not just a showpiece, you can definitely wear this helmet and mimic a Star Wars Storm Tropper using the electronic voice changer that is fitted in the helmet's mouthpiece.

Star Wars - The Complete Saga

Star Wars - The Complete Saga
Star Wars - The Complete Saga Amazon

If you haven't watched the entire Star Wars collection, this Star Wars box set includes the first six movies in the acclaimed series. In case you have a friend who is new to Star Wars fandom, this physical media set is a perfect kit to get them hooked on the series. The discs come in a durable single plastic case that is quite thick and keeps all the discs in one place.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order
Jedi Fallen Order Amazon

If you have been a long-time Star Wars fan and haven't played the most recent Star Wars video game, you are missing out on one of the most incredible games of this generation. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tells a new story in a unique way that is meant to immerse the player and explore the beautiful Star Wars universe.

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