Ubisoft Australia Donates $30,000 To Bushfire Crisis

Ubisoft Australia
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Over the last few months, Australia has been affected by massive and deadly wildfires that have lead to the death of many people, wildlife, forests, and parks. Ubisoft Australia has stepped in with a contribution to help in easing the crisis.

Ubisoft Australia took it to Twitter and said that the company has donated $30,000 to Recovery Relief Fund and Australian Red Cross Disaster. The tweet also reads that the company has heard the call for help from players requesting for in-game items so that the money can be donated toward easing the crisis, but Ubisoft felt that the process could involve a lot of effort and time and suggests players donate directly to relief organizations instead.

Ubisoft Australia is located near Sydney, where the wildfires have proven to be the most devasting. Evacuation programs are in process across New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. As per reports, at least 1,400 homes have been lost and 25 people lost their lives as of January 6. There have also been reports stating that at least half a billion animals were killed in the fires.

Similarly, in a previous incident that occurred on April 15 last year, Ubisoft donated about $65,000 to assist with the reconstruction of Notre Dame after parts of the famous cathedral was destroyed by fire. The company also gave away Assassin's Creed Unity for a limited time on PC following the disaster, which includes a realistic recreation of Notre Dame.

If you wish to donate toward easing the Bushfire crisis in Australia, please visit the following websites:

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