Two More New Fighters Revealed For Tekken 7 Season 3

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The third season for Tekken 7 kicked off with the fighter Zafina. Now, Bandai Namco has revealed two more fighters that are about to be added to the game. One of these two fighters is a returning fighter, but the other one is brand new to the world of Tekken.

Last seen in Tekken 6, Ganryu returns to Tekken 7. The character continues to remain goofy and takes on the fight with his signature open-palm stance. Ganryu is almost equivalent to E. Honda in the Street Fighter games. Check out Ganryu's reveal trailer below:

The brand-new fighter making his way to the Tekken tournament is Fahkumram, a Muay Thai champion. The sheer size of this new character is quite intimidating and the strange look he carries on his face tells that he is going to be punishing. Looking at all those scars protruding across his body, there should be an interesting tale that Fahkumram is about to tell. Check out his reveal trailer below:

Additionally, Leroy Smith who was supposed to be added as a second fighter to Season 3, finally received a release date. The fighter will be joining the roster from December 10 and you can checkout his amazing moves in the video below:

Ganryu will be joining the Tekken 7 fighters' roster by the end of winter, and Fahkumram will join at a later date.

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