Turmoil Update 3.0.70: New Features and Bug Fixes

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Turmoil recently received a new update that added new features and bug fixes.

Save Backups

Ever experienced your save files getting corrupted? Well, in this update, the game automatically makes a backup of the original save file in case it gets corrupted or removed. Campaigns, single levels, challenge levels, and player progress are backed up first before making another save.

Steam Improvement

This update also adds Steam Rich Presence, which shows your in-game status in the Steam friends list. It’s a pretty good feature as your friends will know that you are playing, in what year, what campaign, and much more. Most Steam games already have this, so it’s a great addition for Turmoil as well.

Turmoil Update 3.0.70

  • You can now view your bought saloon offers instead of them disappearing from the list. This means you can now review the saloon offers that will be active for the next level.
Bug Fixes
  • The bonus island in the Turmoil and Heat Is On campaigns no longer always has the same layout.
  • The bonus island in The Heat Is On now actually contains magma.
  • Fixed issue where you could not resume level progress for bonus islands.
  • Playing the bonus island after the end of the game in The Heat Is On no longer crashes the end of the level.
  • In level: Fixed an issue where you could sometimes not close dialog boxes when the spillage message was displayed behind them. This includes upgrade introduction messages and the Left/Right inc. deal popup.
  • Fixed an issue where a corrupted level in progress would make it impossible to load an existing campaign.
  • The “you have not played the tutorial” popup when starting a challenge level is now shown only once instead of every time.
Small Changes
  • Exit game button now shows a single confirmation popup instead of two in a row
  • Highscore menu: always show "Top scores" as default tab (since it's cached)
  • Elbow now shows different localization tag for toggle tooltip when ctrl+click is enabled.
  • The silo tutorial now displays a message when you can't place a silo instead of softlocking.
  • The super silo upgrade button hover text is now properly localized.
  • Costs are refunded after being forced to buy a mole or scanner in the tutorial.
  • Made the saloon offer price red and ok button disabled when you don't have enough money

You can read more about the update here.

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