Trials Rising Welcomes Season 6

A classic track makes a return.
Prepare for the ride of your life.
Prepare for the ride of your life. Ubisoft

Trials Rising has launched Journey of Trials, the sixth and final season of new bikes and tracks. This one is also going to bring back a franchise legend, which is none other than the Gigatrack. There’s also a lot new additions like customization items and a surprise appearance from a Watch Dogs: Legion assassin.

While the new season may indeed mark the end of new bikes and tracks, events and seasonal multiplayer rankings continue to offer players not only a chance to earn seasonal items, but also an outlet for competition.

Meet the Gigatrack

Considered the longest track in Trials history, this one is going to be available to all players for free starting on July 16. This particular track made its debut back in Trials Evolution and offered players the chance to race through a rather lengthy course which not only tests skill, but also endurance. For Trials Rising, the Gigatrack now comes with five different environments. For players who want to get the platinum medal, they’re going to need to fly through this course for around 14 minutes.

New outfits to wear

Season 6 is set to introduce new outfits. One of these is the Golden Evo outfit, which is a reward for those who are able to climb the competitive multiplayer rankings. The season is also going to offer special version of the Evo Rider Outfit. Another interesting outfit is the Journeyman, which should give players that adventurous mood in order to survive the Gigatrack’s endurance challenge. Then there’s the Granny Helen outfit. For those not familiar, she is none other than the septuagenarian assassin that everyone loves from Watch Dogs: Legion. This outfit transforms riders into the tough-as-nails senior citizen.

There are also new helmet accessories, animations, poses, bike skins, and even headlights.

New bike

Those who appreciate fun bikes are sure to love the Tevatron. This one is sure to make an impression with what is clearly a juiced-up take on none other than the classic penny-farthing bicycle, especially with the giant front wheel that generates the majority of the bike’s torque. The Tevatron is going to be released on July 2 and will be available for 45 Acorns.

New event

The new Journey of Trials season is also bringing back a summer event. In this one, players need to hunt down hidden ice cream cones located on 10 existing tracks. Completing the challenge lets player unlocks the Smiling Sin helmet.

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