Transport Fever 2 Is Officially Announced And Will Be Coming This Q4 2019

Transport sims are now back in business.
Transport Fever 2 Splash
The follow-up to Transport Fever has finally been announced by Good Sheperd and Urban Games. Good Sheperd Entertainment

It’s been two years since the original Transport Fever was released to modest critical and commercial success, and now developer Urban Games and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment are looking to follow it up with a sequel. Transport Fever 2 was officially announced with a trailer just yesterday, and now fans of the classic transport simulation genre and the original Transport Fever have something to look forward to.

The announcement trailer that has been released yesterday shows how vast Transport Fever 2’s improvements are over the original. For one, it looks prettier, because of the introduction of physics-based lighting, and the addition of new and exciting vehicles throughout different periods: cars, buses, planes, trains, and boats.

Transport Fever 2’s time periods run from 1850 to present day, which feature different logistical challenges on your quest to become the greatest transport empire. Like its predecessor, Transport Fever 2 also includes a free play mode, with countless configuration possibilities. Those looking for scenarios won’t be disappointed, as there are three campaigns available across three different continents, totaling up to over 20 hours of play time. There are also editors for creating maps, which is a given for most managerial sims, as well as an editor for saved games. Transport Fever 2 also boasts a large variety of available vehicles, numbering over 200. The vehicles themselves were realistically modelled from actual vehicles available in Europe, America and Asia. The game also features highly realistic transport simulation including one-way streets and traffic signals, as well as a separate display for highly important data such as traffic and emissions, each with its own separate layer.

Transport Fever 2 includes various cities with incredibly detailed residential, commercial, and industrial zones and buildings. The cities are available across three different landscape types: moderate, dry, and tropical, all of which are specified according to continent. It is also improving on its predecessor’s construction tools, with the new tools built for more intuitive play. Best of all, the game features extensive modding support via the Steam Workshop.

Transport Fever 2 is expected to be released some time in Q4 2019 on the PC. You can check out its Steam page here, and its website here.

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