Transformers Heavy Metal: What We Know About Niantic’s Upcoming AR Game

Transformers: Heavy Metal
Transformers: Heavy Metal Niantic

Are you addicted to Pokemon GO? If so, Niantic is set to release a new AR game called Transformers: Heavy Metal soon.

When Pokemon GO was released back in 2016, Niantic did not know that it would be a global phenomenon. Although the player base has dwindled as time went on, the game still has a steady player count, which means people remain interested in playing the augmented reality game.

Well, it seems that fans of the company will be happy knowing that the devs are cooking up something quite interesting.

What Is It?

Transformers: Heavy Metal is an AR game for Android and iOS devices coming out soon.

Niantic has partnered up with Hasbro and TOMY, from the famed Transformers franchise, to deliver a game that they hope the people will love.

Game executive producer Phil Hong said he was a huge fan of the franchise back in his younger years. To let players team up with Bumblebee and the other Autobots in the real world, Hong confirms that the game will be powered by Niantic’s Lightship platform. He added that they are in collaboration with Very Very Spaceship, which is a development studio that is based in Seattle.

The game is pretty much set for launch, though the developers want to make sure that they iron out all of the kinks before anything else.

So, for people who are interested in providing feedback, there will be a soft launch in select countries soon. If everything goes well, the game will launch globally later this year.

It is still unclear if the game will be available in all countries at launch, so if you want to know more, you can sign up on the official website.

On Twitter, the tweets about the new game are quite barren at the moment, but it is a good idea to follow it if you want to know updates as they come.

So, what are your thoughts about this upcoming mobile game? Are you excited and do you think it will be as successful (if not more) than Pokemon GO?

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