Totally Accurate Battlegrounds July 28 Update: Battle Pass and Bug Fixes

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds recently got a new update that added tons of new content and made some balancing changes.

The developers have added a new battle pass system with both free and premium rewards. There are 60 levels for this battle pass, which includes cosmetics, rewards, and G-mode music. Plus, the Area 64 map has also gone through a rework.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Update (July 28)

New Additions
Added a battle pass.
  • Reworked AREA 64.
  • Added a new game results screen.
  • Added the ability to report players in the pre-game and game result screen.
  • Added in-game leaderboards.
  • Added the ability to equip different G mode music.
  • Added the ability to equip different throwable chat message models.
  • Added cloud sync for equipped items. They will now auto-sync between PCs.
  • Added the ability to see player names in the lobby of players close to you.
  • Adjusted the XP Curve for player levels. It should be significantly fairer towards high-level players.
  • Adjusted the catchphrase UI.
  • Removed damage difference on limbs for Melee weapons. Making a hit to the head deals the same damage as a hit to the foot.
  • Increased the size of the accuracy barrel
  • Decreased the number of knockback Weapons and arms take
  • Reduced the damage reduction when Dual wielding
  • Removed the accuracy reduction when Dual wielding
  • Increased the accuracy of weapons when Dual wielding
  • Removed the Tactical Maneuver blessing
Bug Fixes
  • Taser Crossbow will now spawn with the correct ammo type
  • Fixed the 0.5x scope
  • Fixed all the shotguns displaying inaccurate headshot hit marks
Weapon Balancing
  • Decreased the damage of the M16 by 10%
  • Slightly changed the recoil of the M16
  • Slightly decreased the accuracy of the M16 while hip firing
  • Decreased the damage of the MP-40 by 10%
  • Slightly increased the accuracy of the MP-40
Blessing Balance
Weapon Mastery
  • Removed the mag size upgrade from Weapon mastery
  • Removed the reload time upgrade from Weapon mastery
  • Added a mag size upgrade to Spray
  • Added a reload time upgrade to Spray
Battle Cry
  • Decreased the spread reduction of Battle Cry
  • Decreased the reload time upgrade of Battle Cry
  • Increased the cooldown of Battle Cry

You can read more about the update here.

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