Total War: Warhammer III Update 2.3.0 Buffs Bretonnia’s Cavalry

Patch 2.3.0
Patch 2.3.0 Twitter/@totalwar

Do you like playing the Bretonnia faction in Total War: Warhammer III? While the said faction is heavily focused on its cavalry and infantry units, they just do not fare well against the units of other factions. After getting some feedback, the developers have decided to apply some much-needed buffs to the troubled faction.

According to the devs, Bretonnia’s infantry is a bit too costly and the faction’s cavalry too weak compared to other similar units in its class. So, some necessary adjustments were made.

The Lance Formation, an ability present among most of Bretonnia’s cavalry, now has an added 50% mass multiplier. This allows the cavalry to deal considerable amounts of damage, making them quite effective at breaching enemy lines. On top of that, the deceleration stat has been removed which may help the cavalry move faster while in this formation.

To balance things out, the Lance Formation now reduces the cavalry’s melee defense stat by eight points. This means that you should only use the said ability when you’re about to initiate your attack because cavalry units are more susceptible to getting hit now than before.

The Grail Reliquae also got some love in Warhammer III’s latest update. The melee infantry unit’s recruitment cost is reduced to 300 gold, allowing you to get its services early. Additionally, the unit’s speed is increased to 40.

You can read the other significant unit changes below:

  • Slave mechanic updates
    • Decreased the Slave Decline rate on Income and Port buildings so that it scales linearly.
    • Increased the base Slave Cap by 500.
    • Added an effect to Hellebron that grants an additional 500 base Slave Cap.
    • The Upgrade III technology additionally now decreases Slave consumption by 25%.
    • Dark Elves now gain Slaves through raiding in proportion to the income of the raided region and the strength of the raiding army.
General Updates
  • Yin and Yang buildings may now once again be converted into the opposite type.
  • Added a Yin/Yang indicator to the Lords/Heroes drop-down panel.
  • Formation Attack
    • Melee defense reduced to 5
  • Snikch’s Clan Contracts timer no longer resets when loading a save game.
  • Skaven Plagues will now apply the correct set of effects to armies.
  • Packmaster death animations, along with Throt’s idle and attack animations, now play correctly on the Brood Horror mount.
  • Rat Ogre death animations now play correctly.
  • Warlords no longer T-pose after dying on a Brood Horror mount.
  • Ikit Claw‘s Channeling VO now plays correctly.

So, what can you say about the buffs made to the Bretonnia faction?

Total War: Warhammer III Update 2.3.0 is available on PC.

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