'Titanfall 2' Doritos And Mountain Dew Multiplayer DLC Detailed With Modes, Skins And Titans

Six new Titans have been revealed for Titanfall 2 EA

Titanfall 2 DLC can be earned by eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew. The official contest page was recently updated with the full list of snack-based content.

For those that missed our previous post on the subject, the headliner of the promotion is tickets that allow players to be eligible to compete in a 1v1 multiplayer mode called the Colosseum. However, it appears there are a few more advantages to behold as well.

Some of the rewards include skins. Specifically, so-called Iron Warpaint offers the perk of a Mountain Dew and Doritos aesthetic for Titans. In addition to that, Target is also advertising an opportunity where purchasing both products from its retailers might unlock Target-themed camouflage for Pilots. Despite the crummy nature of product placements, the base designs might be interesting.

There are even early unlocks for the Ronin Titan and a special Pilot execution animation called “In Your Face.” According to Titanfall 2’s various trailers, Ronin is a hit-and-run mech that can do lots of damage in short bursts. It’s unknown how much XP is required to unlock this content in the base game, but it might offer a small leg up at launch. While these DLC drops exist, the bulk of the draw is double XP match tickets, however.

It’s also worth noting that the number of chances a player has to win has a few stipulations. 20-ounce Dew and three-ounce Doritos offer one double XP token and one Colosseum ticket. For a 12 to 36 pack of Dew, buyers get two tickets and two tokens. At Walmart, specially marked packages may offer three of each reward. At Target, certain packages yield one token, one ticket and the aforementioned Pilot skin.

Titanfall 2, being the triple-A behemoth that it is, isn’t just partnering with Doritos and Dew. As our original write up noted, Buffalo Wild Wings has joined the party too to unlock similar promotional skins and perks with meals.

EA has also confirmed that the vast majority of these promotional items can be earned by progressing through the multiplayer suite for free.

Titanfall 2 comes to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on Oct. 28.

What do you think of all this promotional Titanfall 2 DLC? Will it hurt the game, or is it just stupid? Tell us in the comments section!

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