tinyBuild Games To Bring Six New Titles To Nintendo Switch For 2018

Hello Neighbor is a deceptively creepy game.
Hello Neighbor is a deceptively creepy game. tinyBuild Games

The Nintendo Switch is a veritable haven for indie games these days, and developer tinyBuild has announced an entirely new set of indies that will come to the hybrid platform this year. It's truly impressive for a dev to promise six more games still to release this year.

The Mr. Shifty developer announced the upcoming title via YouTube, just like Nintendo typically does with its Nintendo Direct info dumps. The games we can look forward to include strategy games, city exploration adventures, and more. First up, The Final Station is a 2D exploration game that will put you in the shoes of a train conductor who works to figure out who's appropriate to bring to the "Final Station" of the train line. It's out this month, but there isn't a specific release date just yet.

Next up, Cluster Truck is a first-person action game where you have to jump from truck to truck to stay alive. It's scheduled for a March release. Punch Club is upcoming in May, and you may already be familiar with it since it's on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS right now. It incorporates a murder mystery with mixed martial arts, and lots of "punching" as the title implies. If you like fast-paced, frenetic fighting, you'll want to check that out.

Party Hard is up next, with a vague summer release. It's a stealth strategy game that features a detective who's on the case to investigate a string of murders that just happen to have occurred at parties. Talk about partying a little too hard.

Finally, Streets of Rogue is a city exploration title where, as tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik describes, "roguelike meets immersive sim." It's got a selection of procedurally-generated cities that the player can slash and battle through and is scheduled for release later this year.

The final game on the docket is Hello Neighbor, which you've probably heard a lot about. Break into your creepy neighbor's house, who's harboring some sort of secret. But he's watching you, just as you're watching him. It'll be out in full later this year with additional content coming down the pipeline for free.

Switch owners should be excited for the full slate of new games coming this year, so you may want to clear off some space to make room for it all.

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