Tiny Life Update 0.29.0: Welcome to Demoville!

Tiny Life Update 0.29.0
Tiny Life Update 0.29.0 Steam

Tiny Life recently received an update that introduced the official Tiny Life demo, which featured a new world and life goal. Several fixes were also added by this patch.

Welcome to Demoville

The latest update introduced the new world, Demoville, and it features some wonderful creations by the community. Although the full version will include both Maple Plains City and Demoville, the demo only includes Demoville, which consists of the following creations:

A Demoville Native

The developer introduced a new life goal exclusively found in the demo. Players should keep in mind that the reward personality, City Dweller, will persist with their demo tinies if they move into the full game with them.

Tiny Life Update 0.29.0

  • Added the Demoville world, including its community-made lots and households.
  • Added the Exploring Demoville life goal to the demo.
  • Added a default long hairstyle for children.
  • Added a progress arrow display to skills, relationships, job performance and needs.
  • Added the ability to clean out all of a fridge's empty or expired items.
  • Added the ability to view a lot's opening hours by hovering over the café sign furniture item.
  • Made TVs play sounds when they're on.
  • Improved performance when first drawing a map's static objects.
  • Render with anti-aliasing on low zoom levels to create a mipmap-style effect.
  • Don't draw room content that isn't visible, improving performance on maps with houses that have a lot of rooms.
  • Made it much more likely for people to go home when their needs are low.
  • Enable gamepad repeats to allow holding buttons to press them multiple times.
  • Made food in the fridge last much longer.
  • Fixed various crashes when loading save files with missing objects or clothes.
  • Fixed the tile tool not drawing previews properly in some locations.
  • Fixed a crash when importing a lot that was exported on a bigger map.
  • Fixed tiles not being visible when using the lot movement tool.
  • Fixed a texture region bleeding issue on chairs.
  • Fixed an exception when trying to talk to someone who is at the border of the map.
  • Fixed keybind names being moved into multiple lines even though they have enough space.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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