Time For Some Baby Duty As Fe@rless Is Now Out For Mobile Devices

The animated film is now a mobile game.
The animated film is now a mobile game. Netflix

There’s a new game in town as Fe@rless is now available for both Android and iOS devices. Fe@rless is based on the animated film of the same name released on Netlfix. Basically, the game version of Fe@rless is an endless runner where players can choose their favorite characters and complete missions.

As mentioned, the game is based on the animated film of the same title. The film was released on Netflix back in August 2020 and within the first week of release managed to reach the streaming site’s Top 5 watched films. The Fe@rless film has culturally relevant character designs and a diverse voice cast that includes Yara Shahidi, Miles Robbins, Miguel J. Pimentel, Amari McCoy, Jadakiss, Tom Kenny, and Gabrielle Union. There are also guest appearances by Angie Martinez, Fat Joe, and Dwyane Wade.

The mobile game also offers this diversity and focuses on the uniqueness of the characters by letting players take on the role of those same characters. Not only that, the mobile version also manages to integrate the movie’s soundtrack by letting gamers play along to Magic (Fearless Mix) by Leegit.

In a press statement, Unanimous Games COO Tara P. Enahoro said that they are happy to be part of a project that aligns with their mission which is “to create opportunities and projects that reflect a multicultural community.” She added that they are indeed “honored to develop a mobile game for such an inclusive animated film.”

New Hero Co-Founder and CEO LaSean Smith related that many engaging stories need to be able to move between different mediums like games, film, print, and merchandise. Unanimous Games has made this a reality and it is clear that “this is the future of transmedia storytelling and UG continues to lead the way in bringing interactivity to culturally relevant stories.”

Sharing her thoughts on the game, Amari McCoy, who voice Kira in the film, says that “this is one of the best games” she has ever played, citing the creative power-ups as well as the use of music from the movie. She went on to say that it was indeed “fun seeing Kira and the rest of the characters.”

What do you think? Willing to give this game a chance?

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