Timberborn Update 2021-10-07: Tutorial Improvements and Bug Fixes

Timberborn Update
Timberborn Update Steam

Timberborn recently received a new update that made few changes and fixed tons of issues. The developers have improved the tutorial for new players. It now shows additional tips, which should make it easier for players to learn the game. The tips will have blinking icons to let players know which ones are active.

The developers have also added new types of decorative fences, which boosts customization options of settlements. Players can now use the log fence, plank fence, and metal fence to decorate their settlements.

Timberborn Update 2021-10-07

Needs System Rework, Part 1
  • Needs displayed in the Well-being panel and after clicking a beaver are now grouped.
  • Needs previously reserved for adults are now also available to kits. What it means is that it is now possible to reach population well-being of 15.
  • Paper Mill now has a new, symmetrical model that’s easier to use and connect power to.
  • Fixed the lighting in Rooftop Terrace.
Bug Fixes
  • It is no longer possible to build Floodgates on top of the 3x2 roof.
  • Lists of goods are now sorted alphabetically based on the localized names.
  • Beehive no longer increases the growth progress of withered crops.
  • Fixed Depth Marker’s behavior when built on a platform.
  • Fixed global height limits on water levels, the water on the map can now be as high as the highest allowed buildings.
  • Fixed a bug with overlapping in-game text.
  • Metal Blocks are now properly saved as "MetalBlock" in savefiles.
  • Fixed rare cases when beavers refused to plant at certain spots.
  • Flag workers will now try to move currently carried goods to a warehouse if their flag is paused/destroyed.
  • Buildings will no longer display "vacant" warnings if they're paused.
  • Fixed a problem with the flooded/not flooded status on rotated Water Wheels.
  • Fixed a crash caused by deleting a Deep Water Pump built at the highest possible level.
  • Fixed a problem with the Underground Warehouse’s entrance being blocked when built at the lowest possible level.
Other changes
  • The player logs now include more information about the user’s hardware configuration. It helps us identify scenarios where crashes and other problems occur on a specific setup.
  • There are now limits on the values entered on the Custom Difficulty Mode screen.
  • Map Editor now allows adding multiple ruins at once by dragging a cursor.

You can read more about the update here.

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