Timberborn Update 2: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Timberborn Update 2
Timberborn Update 2 Steam

Timberborn recently released a massive update that added new content, performance improvements, and bug fixes.


The update’s highlight is Golems. Golems are mechanized beavers that do the player's tasks. It might sound convenient to get, but you will have to produce and power it up. Not only that, the golems can only work at select stations. If you want them to work in more stations, you will have to use Science Points.


Performance improvements are always a welcoming change in every game. In this update, the developers tweaked aspects, like moisture, work assignment, beaver wandering, and resource calculations, to enhance game performance and frame rates. If your settlement has lots of beavers, you can expect around 25% better performance with this patch.

Timberborn Update 2

Bug Fixes
  • Engine no longer burns logs when paused.
  • Irrigation Tower no longer uses water when paused.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stairs to limit ranges.
  • Tribute to Ingenuity no longer works at full efficiency when not fully powered.
  • Construction sites can no longer reach over 100% progress. No, not even the Iron Teeth ones.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Distribution Post’s model.
  • Fully grown trees and bushes no longer produce goods (such as Pine Resin) when flooded.
  • Fixed several minor visual bugs.
  • Floodgates can now be synchronized in the Construction site stage.
  • Fixed an incorrect warning on flooded Breeding Pods.
  • Mine’s door now displays a correct range indicator.
  • Fixed a bug with the Scarecrow providing the wrong bonus.
  • When trying to place an attraction in an unavailable area, AoE for all other attractions of that type is now still displayed.
  • Fixed bugs with shafts not rotating and the Power Shaft Intersection not rotating properly.
  • Fixed a bug with status icons always appearing in front of fire particle effects regardless of the actual distance from the camera.
  • Icons for buildings that are flooded and in need of water are now different.
  • Status icons no longer appear above beavers’ heads after clicking them while they’re inside buildings.
  • Fixed framerate drops caused by marking trees for cutting.
  • The productivity of paused buildings is now correctly calculated.

You can read more about the update here.

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