Tencent's New Battle Royale Game Europa Gets Its First Trailer

Europa takes the battle to land, air, and sea.
Europa takes the battle to land, air, and sea. Tencent

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds publisher Tencent is working on yet another battle royale title for fans to flock to in the coming months. Tencent is currently working on a project called Europa, a more modernized version of what people appreciate about PUBG, with lots to see and do. There’s even a trailer so you can see the game in action this time around.

Europa is a massive title that’s still in the works at Tencent, and while it looks like the company has spent a lot of time getting it ready, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. It's surprising the company has had time to work on any sort of ambitious projects like this one, considering all of the other things it's been hard at work on, such as bringing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Chinese audiences.

This time around, instead of pitting players against each other with ramshackle equipment and less variety between maps, Europa will place a heavy focus on aerial, aquatic, and land-based exploration with the likes of speedboats, aircrafts, and more. According to Tencent, the game will also feature a massive island that’s capable of hosting up to 100 players. That’s a decent player load, that’s for sure.

The trailer shows off paragliders and other vehicles as well as armored cars and even night vision goggles which players can use when sussing out enemies at night. You can also bring the scenery crumbling down around you, if you play your cards right. Need to make sure you can move in silence? Just get right of the lights around you. These mechanics have exciting implications for gameplay.

The game isn’t due out for release until 2018, but it’s currently unclear whether western gamers will get a chance to try it out. It looks as though Tencent is working on selling it as a China-only release. Given the spread of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and its massive global popularity, it may be a smart move for Tencent to keep things in China for the time being. Europa looks like an awesome alternative.

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